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  1. IP banned Ubbie

    Thank you!
  2. IP banned Ubbie

    found it and enabled it via test-server.
  3. IP banned Ubbie

    Thank you, I understand. I will check out the client.
  4. IP banned Ubbie

    Hi, is there any change my IP get unbanned? grtz, Ubbie
  5. IP banned Ubbie

    but I dont recall failed login attempts tho
  6. IP banned Ubbie

    Ah, I played via learners proxy, while trying to get on the forum and forgot about it.
  7. IP banned Ubbie

    Strange, I can recall that I did such thing. Anyway thank you very much for your quirck response!
  8. IP banned Ubbie

    I get this when I try to login on main server: Your IP is banned. That means that you, or someone from your IP did something very nasty, so we had to block this IP address. If you believe this ban was unjustified, or promise to respect the rules from now on, please post in the Bans section of our forums (on www.eternal-lands.com)
  9. IP banned Ubbie

    Hi, All the characters are used on the same IP as in this posting.
  10. IP banned Ubbie

    Hi, my IP seems to be banned, I have no idea why. Can somebody look into it and clarify and unban it. Thank in advance. In play username Ubbie