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  1. Ranging fix

    If some1 wants to serp he will find a way, for example attack so mob turns to the weakest hitter, this is disturbing as well.
  2. Ranging fix

    +1 for fixing that bug, fully agree with Cher
  3. All hydro route to be PK?

    Well they try to dig their own hydro and mix their own bars becouse when you buy ings to make for example steel greave you spend 2x15kgc on hydro bars and 30kgc on efe not to mention the rest. And npc sells at 42k and buys at 21.
  4. Make KF less predictable

    Well that would be a nice idea, but as RipTide mentioned it would be easy money. I think spawns like that should be added to Thelinor or Tahraji Desert. Or both.