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  1. Cultures in EL

    No one talks about humans? How can it be?! I think humans should be discussed too. Because it's becoming too bothering to see humans as the ones that can do a bit of everything. As Roja wrote, they can build big cities and they use all they can take advantage of. So I imagine they have a high level of architecture, which leads to South/Central Europe or USA. I'm getting closer to Europe because it has bigger past. And it leads me to Middle ages! So I imagine Humans as very religious people. They kill a lot to spread their ideas of the one and only right life (crusades). Thats how I imagine Human race. Note: Most of the post is explaining and you can read just last two senteces to get what I think of humans
  2. Rostogol Stones

    Yay, my story is in! (i thought to edit this post, cause the previous form of it was totally humiliaiting )
  3. Rostogol Stones

    Yes Roja of course you can! Thank you, im honored! I hope it gets to ingame book one day
  4. Essences and Magic

    Well you got me destroyed , but I don't agree with mages that can make some type of profit. In this game magic is like a side skill, it helps out in doing every other skill, but magic itself without fighting (healing, harming, etc.), summoning (heal summoned), harvesting (getting to ores/minerals/flowers faster with teleports) is almost usless, and i like that.
  5. Essences and Magic

    in certain ok, but not in only one! Maybe if u could complete fer colleges, that would be good. But i think we have gods for this purpose. BTW almost noone uses perks, so i dont think ur suggestion would be good, about perks, and about those essences prices, i think this could be a permenant bless from god when u complete all his quests. Somethin for every god, (less ess would be from magic).
  6. Essences and Magic

    EL is diffirent, you don't need to create a new character, because you can instantly start developing other skills. And that's why it's good, now graduating only one college would destroy this!
  7. Essences and Magic

    Well there are a lot of ways you would start using magic more, getting to manu god from nc storage, TPtr across the river. Getting to naralik to mine gems there TP. Getting faster to rubbies in NC cave, TP across the river. And more. So you teleport more, you need essences more, you buy more from players, or make for yourself and dont sell em in market. I think it would solve a bit marketing, and make game more fun for those that know magic. And wouldn't make game worse for those who don't know magic.
  8. Essences and Magic

    Trollson healing restoring harming poisoning is good as it is. With this thread i thought making teleporting spells more common. I thought that activating them would be a great idea. So you can carry 20 essences in each slot (enough for teleporting). And you wouldn't need to go restocking very often. And if you like to train while having lots of essences, you can simply not activate them and use them directly from your inventory not from special spots. Now this wouldn't be unfair for stronger players, because 100 essences (5 * 20 = 100) isn't that much. (They stop weighting when you activate them, not activated ones do weight).
  9. Essences and Magic

    I was talking when they use essences not make them. and for those who make, they can carry 500 in weightless slots, and ingridients for them in inventory, so they would get to storage and make the rest. And at all i dont think that making essences in place (not near storage) is very popular. If its a guild project one can guard the bag till others carry all essences to storage. There are lots of ways doing the work with only 500 essence, and not much more effort than with weighty essences.
  10. Essences and Magic

    Not a bad solution sirdan! I like it even more than my own! And for Entris, You would be unable to put them in normal slots, just in those 5, so, you would'nt be carrying thousands of essences. And i dont think that there are much ppl that carry more than 500 essences even when they have 1000 emu. So it would be fair for those players.
  11. Essences and Magic

    They would become more used, because you would use more magic, while harvesting, fighting and doing other stuff, especialy teleport to range would get more used, for example you would use it to teleport across the river in nc cave to get faster to rubies. Teleport to portals room too, you could use it allways to travel between maps, cuz you wouldnt need to care for your emu, and you would allways carry essences for that spell. Btw it would be usefull because you need a lot of diffirent essences for teleporting spell. Now the would'nt overflood market because ingridients would weight, only complete product wouldn't, and you wouldn't be able to carry more than 500 of it.
  12. Essences and Magic

    I repeat myself once again: 5 slots, 100 in each slot! 5* 100 = 500 that means 500 essences, average player i think has about this much space in his inventory. So no problem in carrying them.
  13. Rostogol Stones

    Thanks for pointing mistakes. But then should it be bond in the last paragraph too? This word makes me confused
  14. Story & Quest Writers Agreement

    I, Teshla (Justinas Malijonis), have read, understand, and agree to follow the above terms of the Eternal Lands Story and Quest Writers Agreement.
  15. Rostogol Stones

    I thought of a short story, which explains what is rostogol stone and how did it appear. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Long long time ago there was a stone giant. His name was Rostogol. Some people worshipped him because they thought he was a god, maybe that was truth no one knows for sure. He was very kind and generous to people and animals. He had a strong bond to every good person, animal or creature he met. Some times the bond was so strong that he could hear people asking help that are million miles away. With the power of this bond he could instantly move to that place and help the ones that were in trouble. Once he met a man named Mortos. He thought that this man is a great warrior that protects humans from dangerous monsters. They became good friends. Fighting for good side by side. Once Mortos asked Rostogol to come with him to the high mountain. Rostogol agreed. When Rostogol got up the mountain he saw lava, but it was too late... Mortos threw him in to lava and said: - Your kindness makes me sick, you thought that i was fighting by your side. You naive idiot. Now I shall gather my powers and destroy you!!! For the first time in his very long life Rostogol got angry. Mortos gathered his powers and blazing flames of the volcano, powered by Mortos Godly powers swallowed Rostogol. After few seconds volcano shot millions of small stones up to the sky. And they scattered around the world. This was the last gift of Rostogol to Mother Nature. Now sometimes you can find these stones and with the power of soul bound after death you can recall items you left in the world of living.\ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I hope you liked the story. Post your comments!