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  1. Android client, 6th release

    Now one that is not an Android issue but a multiplatform user one: When I play on the tablet the quest window doesn't show the progress I have done on the desktop computer and vice versa.
  2. Android client, 6th release

    In the console screen, swipe left to bring the keyboard, right to dismiss it. I have found this thing, at first I believe it was a bug, perhaps it's. Sometimes when moving around trying to catch a bunny or a snake the keyboard show up, but was I wasnot in console mode it was a little difficult to hide. After a little research: - The keyboard show up after tapping twice on any of the two camera control boxes (like double click witha mouse). - Using Hacker's keyboard hide it pussing it down from it's top edge. - Using Samsung (virtual) keyboard the top edge thing doesn't work, as a work around press the app selector and return EL. :-/ If it's a bug please keep it! It's a nice shortcut for single commands as #beam me
  3. Android client, 6th release

    I think somethin is missing, I did as you said: 1) Make sure EL is not the active app 2) Turn on auto rotate 3) Hold the table on the desired orientation (antennas on the right hand) 4) Bring up EL In the multiapp selector EL show as desired but as soon as is tha active app it rotate upsidedown. I repeat turning off auto rotation before 4) and it work! Now EL keep in my desired orientation. Thank you very much.
  4. Android client, 6th release

    I repost here what I previously send as a private message, edited for better understanding and also answering Radu's reply to it. Me: "I'm testing this Android client on a Sansung Galaxy Tab A model T550. It's the second best client I have tried but I have an issue, Samsung's coutesy, than perhaps you can help to solve. You have choose to rotate the screen 90ª clockwise for a proper lanscape view. I'm right hand dominant so I grab the tablet with my left hand, over the normal tablet top, right were the antennas are and probably the til sensor too. This cause that at certain angles the screen shut off. I have set the table to no change the screen orientation based on the til sensor but it happen anyway. On other games I play on lanscape 90º counterclockwise to avoid tha problem succesfully (I grab the tablet by the side were are not antennas). Can you make the landscape mode be based on the til sensor or on a setting switch in graphics settings pannel?" Answering Radu's "... and please explain the situation more in depth. For example, is the screen rotation changing while playing the game? And why does the screen go dark? The proximity sensor should only work during phone calls, no?": 1) No the screen rotation keep like you set it. The tablet change of position as I move. 2) Since yesterday I have done research on the sensors of this tablet. Droid Info app say it has 4 sensors, beside cam and mic: - CM 3323 Light sensor. I can put finger over it and the front camera and the screen don't shut off - Screen orientation sensor. I can rotate the tablet between landscape and portrait orientation and the screen don't shut off either. - K2HH accelerometer. It's part of the problem, rather small variation on y axe (of landscape orientation) shut off the screen. - SX9500 "grip sensor for wifi". As I say I'm handling the table mostly on the left side (on landscape orientation) so... Last night I also notice temperaure of the tablet also has some impact on this anomalous behaviour. In the 15 minutes after I turn on the tablet and play the game it work fine, after that time the screen start to shut off. This morning I check droid info app and see tsens_tz_sensor0 has reached 40ºC (there ae more temp sensors, being this the hotter one). I think it's a tablet desing issue. Thanks a lot for this game and your time reading this reply