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  1. Raising caps

    Im Legend, i play on the pkserver since like 8 years, daily. I disagree with an a/d cap raise, at lv 120/120 like suggested. im at lv 100/100 since like 3 years. and i can meelee kill any mob decently. So , the change wouldnt be a big difference. The instance used to be completed frequently on the server is the 80-100. that change would suggest that only the 100-120/120-140/120+/wtf . Making the instancing extremely rare on the whole server, maybe even deserted. The 100/120 instance is actualy avaible on the pkserver, no one does that with their oa 130ish and no pp added, it is a real challenge w/o any decent gc loot. Not any mob is realy hard to kill. the a/d isnt the only factor leading to a kill. So , legend oa lv 173 tells a clear no! to any a/d cap arising .. it would be simply pointless with many bad side effects