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  1. Repairing Dragon Armor

    Hmmmmm, my original thought was that like Tankel and Heavybeard the armor would either be repaired or destroyed like with a COL. That would take about 30% out of game that would have to be reproduced by manufacturers. But I agree that if a piece of armor could 'always' be repaired then it would hurt the manufacturing market. And if repaired by a high level manufacturer a saving stone is much cheaper than a new ice dragon mail. Much 'food for thought'- ty
  2. Repairing Dragon Armor

    Thank you for moving to suggestions for me . I have several pieces of damaged in storage and except for breaking quest there is no market for it. As a tank I really need undamaged armor when fighting because to flee with team attached to a mob it can often cause their death. The other option is to carry an extra piece of back-up armor for each piece of damaged. Often I don't have the open slots available, especially when in mule form going into a wtf or other instance. I use the damaged for training purposes only. I know that many people use Heavybeard for repairing the other armors and thought this might be another option for those with limited gold coin to still wear good armor in invasions/ Thank you all for your input
  3. The last post I can find about this is dated back in 2009. Dragon Armor has been around a long time now. Was wondering about maybe an NPC Like Blackbeard being able to repair dragon armor.
  4. Solo invasion (instance like) or 2 person

    Tbh Aquila and some other MOD's are trying very hard to come up with new ideas to keep EL alive and to begin prospering again. I can understand that those with a 'lesser fighter-/mixer build' cannot complete with the 'pure fighter' build. As a 'pure fighter' I only have 7 nexus in human-everything else is invested in perks. Have the NPC check nexus as a qualification on entry- for example 24 nexus required to enter-drop the invasion mobs down to a level they can handle. I realize that this would eliminate me and others with a 'pure fighter' build from participating but I would gladly but sadly give up my opportunity to participate if it helps EL to prosper. The other option would be to set up both separately. All Aquila needs is a couple volunteers with the required nexus-your choice [24-28-32 nexus] whatever you decide on, so that he can run another test to decide which mobs you can handle. Instead of fighting and complaining we should be offering suggestions and help to Aquila and the other mod's who are trying to make EL better. And a special 'thank you' to Aquila and the other mods who are trying to make EL a better place.
  5. Solo invasion (instance like) or 2 person

    I think on trial run 1 man took 6 hours to complete. But we can go as 2 person team so I am guessing that 2 people could do in approximately 3 hr. This is about how long it takes for all the other instances also. I know nothing about 'coding', but if the PP's used on harv/alch/potioning/etc can be deducted from overall a/d then everyone would get a better balance on ability to participate and have fun. I'm not looking for something to 'solo' but something I can go do with a friend for fun. I think everyone who does regular instances have often spent many hours waiting for enough people within their range to log on so that they can go and then it often doesn't happen.
  6. Solo invasion (instance like) or 2 person

    I believe it is an excellent idea. There are many times I wish I could go on instance or invasion etc but we cannot find enough people available. This gives us another option to stay online and have fun. I enjoy taking a team along when possible but now we will have another option when we are short of a full team. I definitely voted yes