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  1. Solo invasion (instance like) or 2 person

    I have some possible suggestions for the instance difficulty. Instead of being measured by how high a players A/D is, be measured based on a rating of how many times the player(s) have cleared the instance and progressively get harder. For example: Your rating would go up based on completion whether you are solo or with another person. Your rating and your companions rating would be averaged out to give the difficulty of the instance. Your own solo rating and your duo rating wouldn't be affecting each other either. Thoughts?
  2. Server Log

    As long as you realise that implementing this would mean one line in chat every time you hit or get hit (or it gets rather complicated to code correctly). That's a lot of lines, so a good chance to miss messages from your team mates. Not in favor: again too much spam in an invasion (those are local chat messages, so everyone around you sees them). Even if this is limited to instances, not sure it's a good idea for the same reason. And why would you need this? You don't trust the people you go to instances with? I realize that it would be very cluttered if it was placed in default chat for everyone to see, what I'd like is to see personal damage dealt and received on a mob IF you so choose to toggle this option on. I agree that spam is a huge issue in instances and the like. I like being able to see what I looted, not what other people looted. I do trust the people I instance with, I just want to have a log for myself for when i kill a mob in an invance/instance/invasion see what I got, not what other people got. We have "item is degraded" or "item is destroyed" messages, why not loot?
  3. Server Log

    During instances, damage messages appear but no one knows who hit the mob for that much. My suggestion is to have a separate chat for every player that wishes to have it on, showing damage dealt the mob and damage dealt by the mob. Another suggestion I have is having loot dropped messages enabled regardless of how much HP the mob has. Thoughts?