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  1. awesome Germans !

    Die passen mir aber nicht
  2. more exp for Haidir skunks

    Less EXP for all haidirs. More EXP for nonfighters. Or make haidir missions Tradeable.
  3. chat colors

    Oh, where do i find the "developer version" for linux/ubuntu?
  4. chat colors

    Hey, before my client crashed the first time, i coud rightclick on the "chats" and set the colors. now that does do nothing anymore. so - can i set the colors manually, like making a file.txt and set channel 206 to yellow? thy
  5. awesome Germans !

    öh.... ich weiss nicht, hat hier schon jemals jemand auf einen vorschlag anders als "find ich blöd" reagiert ? also ist doch nix schreiben eigentlich eine positive rückmeldung
  6. antisocial perk

    my suggestion would be that if you have anti-perk, any dialogue with NPC closes with 25% chanve by click, any trade with PC ist aborted unsuccessfully with 25% chance and so on. that wold be annoying, as being antisocial is.
  7. Rule #5, multiplaying

    well, my suggestion would be that there is a 25% chance per click of closing any NPC-dialoge if you are anti. you can still do all, but i guess its annoying if people just stop talking 2 you.
  8. awesome Germans !

    ich bin da, aber das ist ja ...OH! ICH BIN DA! IM FORUM!!!!
  9. Want to help add NPCs to the Game?

    so is this still a topic? or dead? i would love to make NPC's
  10. Forum validation requests

    Ty for activation