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  1. Berlysam

    Yay we can play again My daughter was going through withdrawls ;P Thank you
  2. Berlysam

    I reset the router and it still says my IP is banned.
  3. Berlysam

    Thank you for your time and hep
  4. Berlysam

    My daughter in game name is Firewing. If us both playing is going to be an issue I will quit playing if you will continue to let her play
  5. Berlysam

    It says my ip was banned. Not sure why. The only reason I can think of is because me and my daughter both play. We each play on our own laptops. And she did buy me some feasting pots and books today. We are two different people. If this is not the reason and I did something wrong I am sorry. Thank you for your time
  6. To all our Friends!

    Congratz to both of you
  7. Connection Problems with Norton Internet Security?

    with norton 2006 u can fix the problem thru internet worm protection.click on configure internet worm protection then click program control then add el to list