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  1. very old players

    I'm still here, guild master of ???, and we are still active just not very big. When I first played this game Iron Plate was the newest item... so yeah, it's been a few years. 2003 I think? Made my forum account in 2005. Good gods, has it been that long? I always go on hiatus for months at a time but I always come back.
  2. Increasing NPC prices

    Honestly, the only item that I think seriously needs to be changed is the spirit essence. 9gc is way to cheap. Both that and a death essence requires mercury, which isn't exactly easy to make but death sells for 20gc? I never understood that. Anyway that's just my 2gc.
  3. PC crashed mid-game, now that character can't log in

    I fixed it, and I'm guessing you were right. I tried re-installing the game and it didn't work so I deleted the EL folder in my documents and it's ok now. Probably should of tried that in the first place But thanks for the quick reply.
  4. I was on my main, Schizo, when my PC suddenly crashed, when I rebooted and tried to log in, the game crashed immediately after loading everything. My other characters can all log in fine though. I've rebooted several times, tried loading with the lowest graphics settings, and nothing. Crash every time. Problem signature: Problem Event Name: APPCRASH Application Name: el.exe Application Version: Application Timestamp: 4d1a14fb Fault Module Name: el.exe Fault Module Version: Fault Module Timestamp: 4d1a14fb Exception Code: c0000005 Exception Offset: 00055168 OS Version: 6.1.7600. Locale ID: 1033 Additional Information 1: 0a9e Additional Information 2: 0a9e372d3b4ad19135b953a78882e789 Additional Information 3: 0a9e Additional Information 4: 0a9e372d3b4ad19135b953a78882e789 Help?
  5. EMU

    You really don't need too high of an emu is your working efficiently. If your lugging every single ingredient back to storage before you make anything, high EMU or no, your not working fast. Taking the lightest ing to the heaviest always works best 9 times out of 10. Like summoning, you don't need 200 EMU just to make one stone, that's ridiculous. Take your LEs and what not to the gypsum. That's the only heavy ing, the rest and the stones themselves are light. Same thing with iron, steel bars... there are places where coal and iron are right near each other, just take some FEs and feasts and your good to go. I have 420 EMU and in one trip from storage I can make: 120 iron bars; 400 matt ess; 220 empty vials; and I forget how many stones I can do in a trip to the gypsum, 20 or so I think. I train every skill, and my EMU has never been an issue, which is good because I also like to fight. ideally I can see myself in the 550-650 range, but it's certainly not urgent.
  6. Which gods?

    Manu/Crafting is a good choice, for one those skills can be a pain to train, and two neither one conflicts with either the attack or defense gods which I like 'cause I'm a bit OCD. Whenever my attack or defence gets more then 5 levels out of whack I switch gods.
  7. An idea about vials

    People need to stop whining about how you can only make things at a loss and actually stop and learn how to play the game and play the market. For starters, I sell my vials at 7gc easily, secondly I also make my own vial molds and my own EFEs. On average I can get 2k+ vials on a mold, which happens more often then not. Really, the only money I'm out when one breaks is what I happened to pay for an enrichment stone, and making vials is mind numbingly easy. Lets not even talk about the great crafting XP, or the fact you can turn those vials into potions for an even greater profit. Not very good at potions? Well why are you even making vials in the first place? Cant make vial molds or EFEs on your own? then make something else to make money. Every single skill has at least several items you can sell at a profit. I train all my skills regularly and I have never been strapped for cash. Ever. Sure, maybe some of those those weapons your selling at a slight loss, but if you were smart you made your own metal bars. So make extra then what you use, bars sell at a profit. Point is, I think everything is a-ok hunky dorey as it is. What the hell were we even talking about anyway? ::checks OP:: Oh yeah, no, 2 vials at once would be too much. If your buying vial molds, dont expect to make a profit, you should be making them. And if your settling for selling your vials at 5gc its your own fault. Sure luck has its own factor, yeah, that mold could break after 2 vials, but i had some last for 10k+ vials ::sniff:: smells like profit to me.
  8. Sorry for the necromancy but apparently I missed the responses in this topic, hell I even forgot about it and was about to make another topic about the NPC merchants today. Yes this would be only for admin purposes, and only guild members with high enough rank to add/remove items would have access to it. Other players will have to walk to c2 to see the wares for sale. I actually use an external program to track all sales data as well as provide a link in the market channel to our inventory as I'm sure you have seen. All I am asking for is a simple #inv decebal command that will list the items and quantities. Buying every individual item and replacing it to check stock is extremely time consuming and is the reason the link to our inventory is only updated once or twice a week. Especially with Decebal, as we usually have over 60 different items for sale at any given time. I'm willing to bet we lost more then a few customers because the item that was supposed to be in stock according to the inventory page wasn't, add to the fact that they had to hike over to c2, and well, I'm sure they wont be opening my market link again. And I only brought this dead thread up again because I am gathering from Ents reply that it would not be much of a bother at all to implement. So yeah, just a simple #INV Decebal command, limited to ranks 15+ that lists items/quantities. That's it. Something as simple as that will make the merchant NPCs far more efficient and useful. I think a good reason you dont see too many items on most of the merchant NPCs is because it's a hassle to keep track off. And that's all I have to say on that. Oh, and pretty pretty pretty please?
  9. The Pro's of the game

    ^What he said. I'd also like to chime in that I have played many an mmorpg in my day, back to when Legends of Kesmai was in its stride but I have been here for I think a good 3 years now... whenever it was that iron plate was the best item in game. This is the only mmorpg that I always come back to, even after taking a break for a month or two. There is always something to train, something to make, something to see and do. I'm definitely glad I decided on the all-rounder route with my current char because I never get bored, but Ent, you need to slow down on introducing these new skills, your screwing my even training all up
  10. Next time the merchants get some lovin', I was wondering if it might be possible to allow guild members with a rank lower then 18 - like maybe 10-12 - to add items to the merchants but not be able to withdraw funds or make monthly payments. It's hard to keep a decent stock with so few members able to add items in the quantities we would like... I mean, I'm pretty trusting, but money is money Anyway, just a small request of mine.. nothing earth-shattering, but convienent none-the-less
  11. Moving 2 merchant NPCs to WSC

    Hmmm.... question is, would it be worth it to have our NPC in WSC. Sure, it's a high traffic area... but we've been doing more then great in C2. Might be less of a demand for high-level items in C1. So, what if no one wants their NPCs to be moved? Then what? At anyrate, it's definitely something for our guild to think about. Thanks for giving us the option instead of just dumping the 2 new NPCs in C1.
  12. Selling some books

    If your interested in any of these, reply here or PM Schizo in game. Idaloran Ring Building Tit Long Construction(2) Tit Chain Construction Steel Long Construction Iron Chain Construction Crafting Potion(2) Magic Potion(2) Puma Summoning Iron Axe Construciton(3) Tit Short Construction Unicorn Medallion Building(2) Armed Skeleton Summoning Steel Shield Construction(3) Summoning Potion Sun Medallion Building(5) Portland Ring Building(3) Naralik Ring Building(3) VotD Ring Building(5) Desert Pines Ring Building(2) Orc Fighting Whitestone Ring Building(3) Potion of Feasting(2) Gargoyle Summoning(2) Weapon Construction Metal Smelting
  13. Decebal's Inventory

    Decebal's Inventory (Updated 12/07/06) Item---------------------------Quantity----------Price (Guild/Ally/Other) ________________________________________________________________________________ Mullein---------------------------1351------------1/1/2 Wormwood----------------------1016------------1/1/2 Medallion Mold------------------58--------------5/75/100 Mortar & Pestle-----------------10--------------5/55/75 Ring Mold------------------------62--------------5/55/75 Polished Diamond---------------157-------------31/34/37 Polished Emerald----------------102-------------11/13/15 Polished Ruby-------------------160-------------11/13/15 Polished Sapphire---------------269-------------11/13/15 Poison Antidote------------------80--------------60/75/90 Potion of Accuracy--------------14--------------90/110/130 Potion of Body Restoration-----382-------------13/17/20 Potion of Coordination----------37--------------20/22/25 Potion of Evasion----------------44--------------50/85/120 Potion of Harvesting-------------31--------------50/57/65 Potion of Invisibility-------------61--------------80/95/110 Potion of Magic-------------------74--------------50/57/65 Potion of Manufacturing---------128-------------20/28/35 Potion of Spirit Restoration----2300------------13/15/18 Potion of Summoning-----------100-------------30/40/50 Potion of True Sight--------------42--------------90/105/120 Potion of Will----------------------60--------------16/20/25 Desert Pines Ring----------------172-------------50/60/70 Isla Prima Ring--------------------48--------------50/65/80 Naralik Ring----------------------148-------------50/60/75 Portland Ring---------------------262-------------45/52/60 Valley of the Dwarves Ring-----197-------------60/75/90 White Stone Ring-----------------257-------------60/75/90 Bethel Ring-------------------------5---------------200/250/300 Emerald Valley Ring--------------69--------------180/200/220 Glacmor Ring---------------------56--------------200/225/250 Hurquin Ring----------------------50--------------200/240/280 Idaloran Ring---------------------84--------------200/225/250 Kusamura Ring--------------------8---------------200/250/300 Palon Vertas Ring-----------------31--------------200/250/300 Sedicolis Ring----------------------3---------------200/250/300 Trassian Ring----------------------22--------------200/240/280 Dissengagement Ring-------------349-------------60/75/90 Mana Destruction Ring------------47--------------200/225/250 Massive Mana Desruction Ring---8---------------1500/1700/1900 Power Ring-------------------i------1---------------7500/8000/9000 Moon Medallion-------------------145-------------100/125/150 Stars Medallion-------------------177-------------100/125/150 Sun Medallion---------------------69--------------75/100/125 Unicorn Medallion-----------------45--------------75/100/125 Air Essence------------------------350-------------6/7/8 Death Essence--------------------20--------------6/9/12 Fire Essence-----------------------561-------------2/3/4 Life Essence-----------------------900-------------3/4/6 Health Essence-------------------2050------------6/7/8 Matter Essence-------------------2231------------4/5/6 Enriched Death Essence-----------3---------------1000/1250/1500 Enriched Magic Essence------------1---------------2000/3000/4000 Titanium Long Construction-------3---------------250/500/1000 Titanium Short Construction------1---------------250/500/1000 Armed Orc Summoning Stone-----4---------------350/400/450 Bear Summoning Stone----------149-------------140/160/180 *Decebal can be found in Idaloran on C2, in the marketplace next to the docks(190,240) **Are we out of stock on a particular item? Or are you looking for us to stock an item we do not carry? Just #IG ??? with whatever you need.
  14. Why on earth is my IP banned?

    Look, I've been playing this game well over 2 years now, not once have ever done a single thing wrong. Most of you know Schizo and my guild.... so imagine my shock when I come home from work and see in big red text that my IP is banned. So please, some sort of explanation?
  15. Bot SPAM

    I agree with the disclaimer idea, but if this is made into an official rule the NPC merchants on Idaloran shouldn't need such a disclaimer. Idaloran - and the way to it - is perfectly safe. Where someone goes after they visit Idaloran has nothing to do with me.