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  1. How much longer ? ( please join in )

    No prob at all I'll edit m out for you, send it back if you want. (Damn, it's goiod to speak to you guys again, although it's just one or two lines )
  2. How much longer ? ( please join in )

    (OK, really late, but did I see someone typing 'copy of the old HML'? If anyone has one to spare, please mail it to me (gdireks@home.nl) Thanks!)
  3. God vs Entropy v2: the final countdown.

    Well matey, since I am teh yours... Here I am again... This time no promises though, I'll leave as soon as the roleplaying dies out again... That's always been the most fun part in here. (BTW, did you know, I was i n Sweden a week or two ago In Oxeloesund, mixing our band and choir... We even were in the local newspaper ) (And actually, it was G333l3F real long ago 0.0)
  4. Since not too much people can/want to think up of stories, or review them, I posted this here. Roja told me a long while ago I could do this, but due to my absence, I haven't come to post this until now. This thread will be (and will be only) about the following subject: Background stories, and names for cities in the P2P version. Since the P2P continent will have lotsa stuff on it, cities can have related backgrounds. (Like, if there was a war 300198472 years ago, that could've wept out two or three cities). I don't want big events that take place in the entire Eternal Lands, because that would be too much of a storyline... Now, if you have suggestions or stories for cities, please post them here. Also suggestion about posted stuff ofcourse. If you feel like you suck at making stories, but rule at thinking of names (or vice versa), just post the stuff you're good at. If you've got questions, or something else, just PM/Mail me.
  5. Backgrounds for Cities in the P2P version

    Kay: Shame that's not upto me, Moony will probably set the PvP area's, so if that story is going to be used, he is the one that can make sure the city is safe. (Although I don'T know if there's a problem with monsters entering the city and things like that...)
  6. Diary of a common man

    Thanks Arafin, and Lyanna ofcourse, although she's gone... Ehh, to the perosn who's taking over Lyanna's old job: use it as you like, edit it if you please, if you really want me to change lots of stuff in it, just tell me, I'll be doing it in no time
  7. Who and what is your character?

    sounds like beastmaster Now I'm gonna refuse to accept that my char is from some kind of book I've never read! OMG. Sounds like that movie with Johnny Depp about that writer who's written a story exactly like somene elses. Only difference is that my version restrains to just a character... Really. Never ever heard of the beastmaster before. Ah heck. Bet your beastmaster hasn't gotten out of prison before he turned out to be all good ((And yes Aira, ofcourse I still date your sis! Never ever gonna let her go ))
  8. The Wake of A Child

    ((I've checked that site out, seems pretty nice. Gotta think of some char though, or well, boost my current char a bit before joining it After I've come back from holidays I should've had plenty of time to do so, see you in two weeks!))
  9. Wheel of Time

    Have any of you ever read 'A wizard of Earthsea' triology, by Ursela leGuin? That's just an awesome book
  10. People who want to write stories...Read this first

    Yay! Tummy's back! How are you? (totally oftopic, but who cares) *Jumps around and does the weirdest dance he can think of...)
  11. Who and what is your character?

    My char is Geelef, (tadaa ), an Elf, pretty young, skilled in magic and swordfighting. Has a tiger, can wield staffs like no one else can. I didn't base it on some sort of book/movie, just madeup a name and started to RP... 0.0
  12. Discussion of compleate new rp

    He wants a new RP (thread), he misses the old How Much Longer. So do I, to get it straight... (You know, HML; that absolutely huge roleplay thread on the old forums with Aira, Nardo, Tumaros, Sylvanna, Thalos, Diesel, JJK (at least on the new forums he was in too ), some other people I've forgotten :'( and me.) There are some good RPs running (WoaC ) in which people might want to join, but if you feel like creating a new one, I'd be happy to join in J! Only on forums though, ingame brings lots of problems along - PKers for one. Or other players that want to ruin your RP. And the fact that I suck balls at combat so I wont be able to get close to gobbies at all
  13. The Wake of A Child

    ((Ah heck, real spam won't be any problem I guess... Pegasus' mailfilters tend to work quite good )) The next morning, at breakfast, Lolen told the rest about what happened during her sleep. 'Yeah, I had it too...' Geelef said thoughtfully, slowly chewing on some bread. Arafin nodded in agreement, not able to talk because of the huge chunk of pie he was trying to swallow. 'Mwe doo.' he tried desperately. 'Maybe it has to do something with this new plane... Let's ask that guy when we see him again.' Arafin said, when he finally managed to swallow the oversized bite. But it would be only at dinner when they saw the man again. They spent the day marvelling at the house, worked a bit on their fighting and magic techniques, and had fun while they watched Cath chase a few birds. When they had finished dinner, the man walked in. 'Everything in order?' 'Yes, it was delicious. We only had some weird dreams last night we'd like to ask you about.' Lolen replied. 'Dreams?' the man asked, his eyebrows raised. 'Yes, well -' the man listened while Lolen described her dreams in detail. Arafin and Geelef told him their dreams as well, also memories of the past. When they finished, the man closed his eyes, thought for a moment, then said: 'Well, dreams about the previous plane are normal in the first week you're here. But mostly they're just dreams, and they don't leave marks like the one on your arm.' 'Yeah, Arafin and I hurt ourselves too, in our dreams, but we don't have wounds right now.' Geelef said. 'Maybe it's the quest you have been given...' the man said slowly. 'Or there is someone in this plane that knows you're here, and cast a spell while you were sleeping.' 'But who would know we arrived last night?' Lolen asked surprised. 'I think your statement about the quest would be a better one, although I don't know in which way this strange magic relates to it...'
  14. The Battle of Portland

    I'd say Frogger was just owned Anyway, I like it Didn't read the history of the lands though (intend to do so, will take a while to read entirely), but I gotta say it's good.
  15. God VS Entropy

    Are we getting it on with skyscrapes again? Brings back some memories *Gee smacks Trop with Ent's uber staff of 1337ness, sending his internal organs all over the place -eh, grue*
  16. The Wake of A Child

    ((Cool! I love piercings! Although I wouldn't take one myself, my parents wont let me... (Getting good grades all the time so thats no reason to get one for me - don't mean to brag, just telling why And since were sharing emails: gdireks@home.nl is mine. *That's gonna be cause for loads of spam by someone who reads these forums and doesn't like me 0.0*)) (( En wat betekent dat in vredesnaam? (Translate it on bablefish or something, I'm too lazy to think for you.) )) Lolen didn't have to wait long, a load roar from Catherina told the three of them she'd found the exit. 'Seems Cath's finally found it.' Geelef muttered, though his words were drowned in the dense fog. 'Over here!' A clear voice cut through the fog, making it dissappear as the sound went. Soon, the fog around them was vanished totally, and a bright blueish light shone through a small door. 'So, you've found it.' the voice said. As Arafin cautiously moved closer, his hands ready to unseath his sword, a man came into view, a man much like the mysterious man which sent them to this plane of life. His clothes were a bright white though, and seemed to glow in the blue light which lit the room behind the door. His face friendly, he said: 'There is no need to worry, Arafin, I am here to guide you, not to harm you.' Arafin loosened up a bit, but was still cautious when he asked how the man knew his name. 'The spell that has sent you here uses your names in it, and your descriptions. And we monitor every spell that the Guardian of the Gate casts. He's the guy that sent you here.' he added when he saw their puzzled faces. 'So, you're here to help us, right?' Geelef asked. 'How about you tell us where we are, and what we can expect.' 'As said, you've moved on to the next plane. This plane isn't much unlike yours. We fight with the same weapons, use the same magic, and generally have the same laws and customs. Different is the world outside the Walls. It's a wrecked place, evil florishes, monsters roam it. But still, most of you will want to go there, it's not quite as - boring - as the rest of the world.' The man walked into the room, which was decorated with several wooden chairs and a table, sat down and gestured the others to do the same while he went on talking. 'It's a beautiful place though, deserts and oases, forests, mountainranges, it looks alot like the wilderness in your plane.' 'So, basically, I'd be able to take you on right here and now without too much trouble?' Arafin asked sceptically. 'No.' the man answered, smiling. 'Your current sword wouldn't harm me - unless it's made out of tatinium ofcourse.' 'Tatinium? You mean titanium?' 'Ah yes, always mix it up. It's an element we don't have, it can only be brought here by magic. And it's very lethal to us. Only the monsters outside seem to have develloped some sort of resistance against it. They should be harmed in about the same way as you are.' 'Good we all brought titanium weapons.' Geelef stated. 'But basically, you are about the same strength as we are?' 'Yes, except for our natural resistance against most metal alloys and some minor superficial differences, we're the same.' 'Superficial differences?' Lolen asked. 'Green hair and purple eyes seem to do well among us.' the man smiled. 'And we've got six toes, but you're wearing shoes anyway.' After that the man told them about the customs in their new plane, about the geography, cultures, weapons and magic. When talking about the last subject, explaining that it was not much different from their old plane, Geelef stood up and asked for a target. 'A target?' 'Something to aim a fireball at.' 'Ah ofcourse.' Without further ado the man conjured a small wooden staff, and sent it flying at Geelef. The latter conjured a fireball, about the size of a battlehammer and shattered the staff. 'Easy...' he muttered, while sitting down again. 'What d'you mean? 'I tried to conjure a ball the size of my fist. We must be closer to the source of magic or something.' The man nodded. 'Each plane brings you closer to heaven, or what you would call heaven. Heaven is pure magic and energy, no more matter. We are currently two planes removed from heaven.' 'So, in the next plane we'd be even more powerful?' Geelef asked. 'Well, yes, but you wouldn't be able to use weapons or magic.' said the man in a little voice. 'That plane would be Hell.' Lolen's eyes widened. 'So you're saying we have to go through hell to get to heaven?' 'No, no, no, absolutely not. You just skip a plane if you've done exeptionally well in your life.' After that the man wouldn't speak of magic or planes anymore, but showed them where they could rest for a bit. The four of them all slept in a matter of seconds, even though they wanted to think about what was told.
  17. God VS Entropy

    (Inside the grue) Trop: 'Damn them Grues...' Gee: 'It's slimy in here, its internal organs smell like sh.. Well, dah... Yugh...' Trop: 'Blow 'm up then?' Ent: 'No.' Roja: 'Yeah, you'll make EL look green everywhere. Ain't good...' Trop: 'Ow.' Gee: 'What we gonna do then?'
  18. Backgrounds for Cities in the P2P version

    Thanks! Here's the next part: But ofcourse, most Orchans had promised to never leave their best mates side, and some of those best mates were not Orchan at all. This is why some Orchans still remained on the surface of the planet, regretting they could not come along with the others, but proud of their decision afterall. To console these Orchans, Selain wrote a book, in Orchan ofcourse, showing them or their offspring a way to enter Orchania, if they'd ever change their mind. But none of the Orchans left on the surface ever thought of going to Orchania, their word was worth more than that. Over centuries, the languages changed, and only a mere wise wizards remembered how to read the ancient Orchan, but they never shared the knowledge of the book Selain wrote with anyone. This is how the story of Orchania slowly turned from fact to myth to legend. The legend that was finally heard by a Dwarf called Aplistos was so many times retold and added to, it seemed like Orchania was built of gold, the vegetation was pure silver and the roads were paved with titanium. Gold coins were worth nothing in Orchania, they were thrown on huge piles, or mixed up with the food for the pigs, much like the rubbish on the surface. Aplistos, being a dwarf, was much interested in this story, for he had always been rich, but never rich enough. So, he bribed a wizard into telling him the excact location of Orchania, payed some dwarfs to carry his goods and dig along with him, and started his expedition. It didn't take long to find the site where they had to dig, the mage had been really clear about that. But the ground was solid rock, hard to dig through. Not caring how long it would take to get to his own Heaven, Aplistos ordered his dwarven followers to start digging. After a year of digging, they finally breached the upper cealing of Orchania. Aplistos was overjoyed when he heard the message, and went down instantly, only to find his legend to be false. In his frustration he started yelling at the peaceful Orchans in Orchania, which they didn't appreciate. Aplistos was killed. But he wasn't the only one who knew of Orchania now, his fellow diggers returned home, telling the secret to everyone who wanted to hear it. 'Orchania was discovered! Come along, we'll show you! It's a paradise of gold and silver!' And so the outer world came to know about Orchania, the peace in which the Orchans had lived for over a thousand years had been interrupted, and again they were followed and hunted down by those who did not know them, this time for deceiving them that their city had been a golden one...
  19. Backgrounds for Cities in the P2P version

    Eldwen: Pretty nice shot! Needs some more details though, like you stated yourself Other than that, don't change it! Simma: Good suggestion, I'll start working on it. Now just hope that Saii doesn't mind Here goes the first part for a bit. (Nevermind the spelling, it's typed fast and just outta my head this time...) Orchania. Selains followers had always been looked at with disrespect by those who didn't know them well, only the few who did get to know them got to respect their style of life, how they never broke their words, even if that word was given to a complete stranger. This was the main reason the Orchans were surpressed by other races, their homes burned down, their children taken away from them. At one point it became so bad, Selain interfered. The God built a city for his devoted and loyal followers, far away from the hatred that had followed them for so long. Orchania he called this city. He built it deep underground, so deep even the dwarves wouldn't ever dig there, only a few small gaps ensuring there was sunlight and plenty of air. The houses he built were big, he stored plenty of food for the Orchans, and made sure farms would cover up for the rest of the demand for food. When he finally finished, he called to his followers, told them to make sure they were ready to be transported away from their homes. Some told their friends that they would leave them, go to a better place, to a city built by their God. That is how the legend of Orchania came into being. (First part... next coming up)
  20. If you're interested in (helping to) making stories or thinking about names for cities in the P2P version of the game, check this thread. It explains all
  21. The Wake of A Child

    ((Just glad your back Life's just not the same without a good long RP... - god that sounds nerdish x.o - )) Slowly Lolen could feel her thoughts wander off, to unknown places, future times, histories of men. But next to the greatest things in this plane of excistance, she thought about her friends, about what a great time they've had, even though it was sometimes hard. Her last thoughts were about the four of them, sitting around a campfire, laughing and eating, not worrying about a thing. Then she drifted off into a deep sleep. *** 'Ohh, my head...' Lolen opened her eyes, to find only a narrow beam of light pertruding the coffin she lay in. She closed her eyes again and sighed. Something must've gone wrong, she was still in the same place as before, feeling the same - no, that wasn't true. Her eyes didn't ache anymore, she could clearly see again. Slowly Lolen raised her fingers, and touched her face. Everything seemed to be the same. As she slowly put one hand in the tiny beam of light, she sighed with relief - it looked just like it had done in her normal plane - or however she should call it. But suddenly the fear of being alone, the fear of being trapped inside a coffin overwhelmed her. She started to scream, scream like she'd never screamed before, neither in this nor in the previous plane. Almost instantly a soft soothing voice broke through the fear in her heart. 'Shh... Lolen, it's gonna be alright. We just gotta take this stone of your grave.' 'Arafin? Stone? Grave? What do you mean?' 'He means your in a grave, and you're underneath a stone. Nothing to worry about, we'll fix it in a moment.' Geelefs voice rang through the thick coffin walls. And sure enough, only seconds later the stone on top of her coffin was removed, and Lolen saw Arafin, Geelef and Cath standing around her, the tiger poking her head inside to see if she was alright. 'Where - where are we?' Lolen asked. 'Dunno. Never been this far before...' Geelef replied. 'But I think we're in somekind of graveyard, only like, you're not coming here when you died, but when you are born - not in the normal way ofcourse, but through magic like we did.' Lolen took a look around. They were in a pretty spacey building, waving grass covered the mountainous floor, which had boulders on it every here and there. 'Yeah, we moved some of those to see what's beneath them. All empty spaces, only some runes we can't read.' Arafin said, after he'd followed her eyes. 'Uhm... what do we do next?' 'Follow Cath.' Geelef smiled. 'She seems to have found something, at least she wanted to show us something, it might be the way out.'
  22. The Wake of A Child

    ((Sorry this took so long, it's been hectic at school... )) But as the Elf was thinking about this words, the door of the wooden cabbin slowly creaked open, and a man's head popped out of the door. The man looked much younger than any other person they'd seen here, maybe twenty human years, although his eyes gave him away, they concealed the wisdom of centuries, the torture of age, the blessing of knowledge. 'So, finally you've arrived. Rather late for you, isn't it?' he said to Geelef. 'Well, didn't want to die too soon.' 'Ofcourse, the ignorance of youth. You know death is just another adventure? This little girl was quite right.' 'S-sir? You mean to say that we won't loose eachother, that we will stay together?' Lolens soft voice rang. 'Yes. Do you want to know what's going to happen excactly, or you want to find out yourselves?' the man said, apperantly pleased by Lolens udnerstanding. 'I'd like to know what's going to happen' Arafin said, before the other two could speak. 'I want to know if it's gonna be the same or better as this world, else I'm gonna try to run.' 'Ofcourse... Let me tell you what will happen then.' Lolendalia and Geelef nodded, the latter stroking Cath's back a bit, seamingly absentminded. 'Yes Geelef, I know you already know. Can you act normal for once?' 'Could do, I s'pose. It's just that I escaped "faith" three times in a row now, I kinda stopped believing in afterlife.' The man smiled. 'Yes yes... But at least act like you care then.' 'Alright...' Geelef's eyes turned to the mans, but his hand was still stroking Cath's back. The man rolled his eyes upwards, and muttered something which looked alot like 'Elfs...' 'Anyway, you wanted to know what's gonna happen.' the man started again. 'First, you walk into my little house, lay yourself in a coffin, and I'll turn you into a living mummy. Magically ofcourse, you won't feel a thing.' he added quickly once he saw Lolen's frightened look. 'Then, you'll be killed, in such a way your body or soul wont get hurt, but ofcourse you will feel the two of them being ripped apart - which isn't nice, and you'll remember your lives down here.' 'So, if we'd have died normally we'd have forgotten about our friendships, our adventures in this world?' Lolen asked again. 'Yeah. Well, not excactly though. You wouldn't remember it with your mind, but your heart would tell you that Arafin and Geelef are good people, you'd feel like you've known them forever if you'd see them again.' 'Ah. Same goes for hate?' Arafin asked. 'Yup. You won't ever trust anyone that you hate in this world, you'd feel there's something wrong. You've got that already, sometimes you can just tell when somebody is bad, or good.' 'You're telling me I've lived other lives before?' Arafin said in amazement. 'Yeah. You've died for about a thousand times before, each time ascending to the next plane of existance. It's a natural, good thing.' 'But - but then why do you store our bodies? We didn't see anybody else get mummyfied before...' Lolen stated. Before the man could answer Geelef said: 'Because we might get bored in the next plane. No one knows what it's like, there are only stories of previous planes, and they all sound pretty heavy. It could well be that the next plane is just a mountainrange with loads of dust and dirt.' The man nodded. 'Yes, you might want to return to this plane. It'll be hard to accomplish that though, and you'll probably forget what you've experienced, but at least you'd be back here.' 'You know what?' Geelef suddenly said. 'I wont do it. I don't want to move on or something. I just want to continue to live here. No messing around with my life.' 'Again...' the man sighed. 'You will go. It's inevitable. You know it. Just like you can't stop the sun rising.' 'I've escaped three times before, you said so yourself.' All at once, the man's expression changed. His eyes turned from a soft brown to a harsh red, his clothes moved in the wind that had suddenly started to blow. 'Geelef Greenleaves the Green! You will go in! You shall die and perish!' And Geelef complied, without a single word of resistance. His eyes seemed unusually foggy, his walking was in a wooden kind of way. 'S-sir? What have you done to him?' Lolen asked in a tiny voice. 'I've ordered him to go. None can resist their full, birth names. Not if the one who speaks it knows about it's power.' 'Wha-?' 'Just get inside please, and we can get started.'
  23. Back from the ... ill

    Hey people, long time no see! Just thought you ought to know what became of me after (What was it? Two months?) Ah well. I kinda started to freak out due to *stuff* happening to my friends, due to school, due to too much stress, due to well, alot more. I just snapped at one point, trashed me room, trashed me body and trashed me comp. *Stupid* I know. But still, it's pretty true. Got up to the point that I couldn't care about nothing no more, I just kept to myself and didn't do anything. Mom + dad brought the comp back to the shop to get it fixed (since I wouldn't), and let me be for a while. Blablabla, got better after some time, and now weve got ourselves the computer back, and I'm allowed on it for about 20-30 minutes per day. (It's better than nothing). I'm sorry to say that in the time of my *absent* state of mind, I lost all my files on the computer, including my 'finished' 7F map, and a shitload of names and places for the new continent. And alot of idea's for some roleplay stuff, but the latter doesn't concern most people. Well, hope you'll forgive me (especially Moony, who's waited too long for my map, don't even know if I can re-finish it in a short while, and Roja, who was waiting for my names and backgrounds for places...) At the moment I'll prolly be doing the map for the most time (if Moon still wants it, that is) and thinking up backgrounds for places once more. And RPing ofcourse, to make some good idea's for the other two things (and for the fun of it). Ehh, rambled on long enough, gonna see what I can do! Geelef.
  24. Funny Thoughts

    * This morning I took the car to the city, because I didn't want to breathe all those cargasses. - Theo Maassen * Nobody's smart enough to comprehend his own stupidity. - Theo Maassen. * If your IQ was a temperature, we'd freeze to death. - Me That's about the best
  25. God VS Entropy

    Roja: 'He's stupid, aight?' Gee: 'Yeah. Maybe I should go fetch his ass from the underworld.' Roja: 'And... What you're gonna do then, get poked again?' Gee: 'Oh yeah... BTW; this really hurts.' Roja nods Gee nods too Roja: 'Copycat.' Gee: 'I know.' Gee: 'You think I'm a n00b?' Roja: '...' Gee: 'Uh oh...' Roja: 'What?' Gee: 'Trops back.' Roja: 'Wha?' Tropy hits Roja in the bacj of her lasereyed head with the wooden staff that Ent used to blow his teeth out. Gee: 'Not nice.' Trop: 'She killed my bunny first.' Gee: 'Ah.' Gee: 'BTW; you think I'm a noob?' Tropz: '... Yah, ofcourse.' Gee: 'Ah.' Tropz: 'What about me?' Gee: 'Think you suxx0rs. You just made kebab outta me.' Trop: 'Oh yeah...' Gee: 'We're nuts.' Trop: 'Yap.' Gee: ...