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  1. Misc: the finding of the Diary

    Lyn just keeps on saving there'll be more on this story this afternoon (well, my afternoon), I kinda forgot about the whole thing... Gonna re-read it, then come up with more stuff. After I've gotten home ~G
  2. Security For Eveybody's Favorite Os!

    How about you create an account for yourself (under the pretence of wanting your own, evil backgrounds and screensavers, just think of something), then install Doom3, set the "folder only accesable for this account" option to true (or whatever its called 0.0, rightclick, proporties, sharing, it should be tehre somewhere), and then delete about every start menu, desktop and quicklaunch icon you can find on your parents account... That always worked for me
  3. Together Again

    It was a dark night, the moon's light was covered by clouds, rain steadily dripping down from the dark blanket which covered the skies. But as dark and wet the night may be outside, inside the tavern there is always laughter and warmth. Only one man didn't seem to mind the weather, his long black coat prevented him from getting wet anyway. He just strolled past the tavern, not giving it the slightest glance. He had better places to be than a crowded and way too hot room, with only drunk men inside. His wooden staff splashing in the wet mud every other step, he made his way over to a small house, perched on the top of a hill. A small paved road led him through the garden, only his own footsteps and the blowing of the wind could be heard. If you would look at this man, walking so quietly through a garden which needed a good gardener, you would expect him to at least notice the black shadow following him. But as blind as you might be, the man already knew of this shadow, it always followed him when he set out on adventure again, protected him if he was losing a fight, played with him when he was bored of the black nights. This shadow was one of his dearest friends, one he spent many years in prison with, one with whom he had fought to destroy the Black Guards of another realm with... The only friend which had travelled back with him, to this darkened place. Her name was Catherina, or Cath as he mostly called her, and she was a snowwhite tiger, one of the cleverest mankind had ever seen. She understood what it meant to lose friends in combat, to save the life of someone you love. She went back with the Elf she knew as a friend, although she would never admit it to herself, only to meet other friends of him, people she had never seen, but heard much about when her Elf was talking in his sleep again. 'Yo, Cath! Get over here will ya?' And indeed, the shadow moved onto the path, into the faint light of the house. Cath's white fur seemed to light up by itself, reflecting every beam of light, however faint it was. 'So, you're up to it?' the Elf asked her. A little nudge with her head and a soft growl told him she was. 'Now, we finally are gonna see Aira again...' the Elf said, a smile flashing over his face when he thought of his friend. Together they walked to the house, they were only a few steps away when the door opened, and a redhaired Elf said: 'Hey Geelef! Long time no see! What's that tiger doing there?' Geelef smiled once more, 'Aira! Good to see you again! I'll tell you everything inside.'
  4. To-do List

    Don't be so depressed One step at a time, we'll eventually get where we want to be. Just start small and expand... as always
  5. To-do List

    I'll gladly help with giving my opinion on new stories as well as posting some random misc stories, and I'll try to help with the stories for the bards. As always I'll be writing in the RP section too, so I might take some ideas from that...
  6. It's "you're" Not "your"

    No, Bob doesn't need to say anything anymore, but because the excact words he said aren't at the end of the sentence - "said Bob" still follows - there isn't a "." but a "," after his words. Like I showed, if you make a sentence which starts with "Bob said", then you put a dot at the end. Conversation doesn't need to follow anything, just like everything that's got to do with language, as long as the general message passes through to your target. But if you want to use correct grammar, you'll always have to follow the rules ^.^
  7. It's "you're" Not "your"

    "your", but "you're". -------^ Here, you can see where the comma SHOULD have been. Actually, the comma should be placed within the quotation marks. Commas always goes on the inside of the quotation marks. I have this place bookmarked: http://newark.rutgers.edu/~jlynch/Writing/index.html (It's about grammar.) Actually, the comma should be after the quotation marks, since "your" is a single word, surrounded by those marks because it's used not for it's true meaning, but just to show how the word is spelled. If you use quotation marks to make somebody say something (like: Bob said: "I'll be there in two minutes.") and you use a comma in there (as in: "I'll be there in two minutes," said Bob.) then the comma should be inside the quotation marks.
  8. Together Again

    Maybe ten yards away, Geelef was wondering about the same thing. "If nature is acting oddly, what would happen to my spells? What would happen to our magic equipment? What would happen to all the things we thought were certain?" He looked at his red-haired friend, lying on soft grass, still just breathing, and as pale as the snow on the icefields near the Atronarchs lair. *** Two days later they set off again, Aira a bit more silent as usual. Nardo nudged him in the chest. "You'll be alright. Don't worry." Aira just looked back at him, confusion and a slight fear could be read from his eyes. He opened his mouth to say something, then closed it again without making a sound. Nardo knew his friend well enough to know he didn't want to talk about it, and asked no more. "We'll arive in Yhr-fell in a day." JJK said brightly. "I'm really looking forward to the shopping area over there, it's said some real quality stuff can only be bought over there..." "Do they have those silent arrows, really light, glowing faintly after they've struck the target?" Tumaros asked curiously. "The Arrows of Alkaminey? Sure, you'd be happy with a few dozen of those, whouldn't you?" Jay smiled. Tumaros nodded vigorously. "You'll never lose 'm, and you can't hear 'm coming..." The two of them quickened their steps a bit, excited about the goods they could buy.
  9. Diary of a common man

    *OK, this isn't finished at all. I'll be posting here some more. Roja and Ent: If you hate the idea, tell me Would save alot of work. If anyone (including Roja and Ent) likes it: TELL ME * Fall, day 12 It was odd today. I walked through the Forest of the Fall, trying to find that Trader who lives there. Didn't find him. But I did find someone else. Not someone who I expected to find though. He looked kinda weird. Not his face, which was much like any Elven face, but his clothes. It was more than normal armour, maybe magical. I didn't ask him about it. I just told him the way to White Stone City. 'To the West' I said, he just nodded as an answer. Still, he seemed a nice person. Fall, day 13 Forra asked me to deliver some flowers in White Stone City for her. When I had sold her flowers I went to the Happy Spirits Inn. The odd Elf from yesterday also was there. I ordered an ale, and went to his table. On my question if I could join him he nodded. He told me weird things. He said he was sent here by someone. I don't remember his name excactly. I think it was something like 'Aiwum'. The man said the name had an old meaning: Century. We talked a bit about the weather, but when the converstation moved to the Gargoyles which broke loose from the Castle the man's eyes got a dark shade in them. He asked me if I could get him another wine. When I returned the man was gone. Fall, day 14 Tomorrow is the big day: End of the Fall, begin of the Dark Days. My sister and I are going to offer our calf to the Gods. I hope they'll be pleased. Fall, day 15 The party was great. Although our offer wasn't as big as Forra's, we still think the Gods'll let us live till the next Fall. That peculiar man I met three days ago showed up. He didn't say anything though, but he did give me a note. 'Come to Fruit and Veggie's shop tomorrow.' Maybe he doesn't realise the shop is closed tomorrow. But I'll go anyway, I'm pretty curious. That man has something... familiar. Dark Days, day 1 The man did realise the shop was closed. When I got there, he told me to grab his hand. We somehow ended up in Portland, I'm not sure how. Did I black out? I asked him if he knew that Goblins roam Portland, but he didn't seem afraid of the Goblins at all. He pointed at his cape and said that Goblins wouldn't attack him. We went to a cave. There he told me to get some rest and that he would tell me some things tomorrow. This evening I asked Tiwo what would happen to my sister. I couldn't just leave her. He told me he'd left a message. He wouldn't let me go back to say goobye in person, he thought is was too dangerous. I'm wondering what could be so dangerous about a trip home? Dark Days, day 2 The man did tell me things. Things I'd rather not hear. He told me Aiwum, who had sent him, was a great wizard. He could see in the Future. Aiwum had seen the Destruction of our Continent. 'Our Continent?' I asked. 'Is there another Continent?' The man nodded. 'Even more than ten others. But you aren't ready to go there - yet.' After that the story came down to that the man was going to Train me, after that I would hear the rest of the story. I'm gonna do the Training, although I don't know what to expect from it. *this is it for now More is coming up*
  10. Song Game!!

    Origine - Suddenly Silently
  11. Favorite Bands

    Listening to music while playing EL is pretty nice, especially if you're in the woods and Paul Simon tends to come along in your WA playlist alot ^.^ NEway, my list, random order, and alot different then the last list I posted: Queen, Aerosmith, Paul Simon, RHCP, SOAD, The Knob, The Dixie Chicks, Nasu, Scooter, Heideroosjes, Anouk, Sum 41, Blink 182, Rowwen Hèze (Dutch Carnival Music - it's really awesome), Within Temptation, Tiesto, Armin van Buuren, Isaac, The Rasmus, Prodigy, Offspring, Faithless, Moby, Cosmic Gate And about everything that tends not to get in the top 40 and isn't called R&B. And everything that's on Bitte Ein Beat.
  12. Trying to pull all the major stories together

    Dammit, there were alot of good stories that're gone now... Hmz. Ah well, at least now we can base about every story on Ent's world creation story..
  13. Song Game!!

    Peacemaker - The Shine And now quit copying the "the"s, it get's boring! (Hehe, did it myself, I know...)
  14. Ph0rk (-_-)

    Those forums were absolutely the veeery best... I remember I rated Izzy for an 8, only because he was the first one to discuss with me in a civilized way, not shouting or whatever. That was cool. Think I rated you a 10 too, and you rated me back And Moony, nobody dared to rate him below a ten, cause everybody rated him a ten That was awesome too. God, the good old days... ^_^
  15. Together Again

    They set off, turning their backs on the wall, which had repaired itself by now. Evening had fallen during the fight and the escape. Nardo and JJK were walking in front, talking about the Orcad which had given the map to Jay. Aira and Draca followed, both of them smiling every so long, when a good memory passed their conversation, Geelef and Tumaros closed the lines, walking together silently, being greatful that they all were back together. "Good times ahead..." Geelef heard Tumaros mumble beneath his breath. The Elf bowed his head slightly, a hard to notice confirmation to those three words. His blue-shining eyes darted to the bushes at their sides every now and then, returning to the road when he saw the white tiger following them closely, watching over them as an angel. "You can see her, can't you?" Tumaros asked. Geelef nodded, still looking at the next turn. "I can only hear her sometimes, but never see her." Tumaros went on. "It must be pretty nice to see that well in the dark." Geelef turned his head and looked at his old friend. "Yeah, it's even more beautiful than at day, everything's surrounded by it's own blue aura, Cath, and everything else that's white, light up even more. I can see her aura through the bushes every now and then." Then his eyes turned back on the road again. Tumaros looked at Geelef for a few more seconds, trying to understand what the Elf was thinking, then gave up, nudged his green-clothed companion, and ran to Nardo and JJK. "Where are we gonna stay for the night?" Tumaros asked Nardo. "Cause we don't have any edible food anymore, it's all washed away in the river." "We'll stay in the forest for tonight, see if we can catch some rabbits, though I haven't seen any yet, only those big wolves, but they taste pretty bad." Tumaros smiled. "Heh, I know what you mean. I'll see if I can shoot some rabbits, maybe a deer. But I fear we're gonna be pretty hungry tonight." "Just tonight though," Jay added. "Tomorrow we'll reach the city of Yhr-fell, I know a nice little hotel over there, we can stay there for free. Saved the owners life once." "Yhr-fell?" Tumaros asked. JJK nodded. "And what about the shops over there, can we buy some good equipment?" Nardo asked curiously. "I could use a pair of new boots." "Loads of shops. It's one of the biggest cities I've ever seen, though only those who have already been there know it actually exsists. It's full of magic." Their conversation was stopped abrubtly by Aira, who was running along full-tilt, smiling broadly. "What's up, Aira?" Nardo asked. Aira slowed down a bit and shouted over his shoulder: "Saw a pack of rabbits over there, I'm hungry!" They all bursted out in laughter and ran after Aira, ready for some cooked rabbitmeat.
  16. The Drama of Reality

    I've got Alzheimer.
  17. Summonable "spirits"

    Have the effect of the spirit fade over time, maybe accordingly to its health, so when the spirit has low health, you get less of a bonus as when it's just been summoned. You know, spirits aren't meant to be in this world, it sucks the life outta them, that's why you can see thru them.
  18. The Drama of Reality

    You know, I think I'm a bit degraded, closer to noob-status 0.0 I know shit of the game anymore, didn't play it for way too long, in the end it was all rping on the forums, which, if I may say it, I've always liked the best here. Hmz, we throw away our lives, and when we find it back we seem to forget the few things we DID know when we didn't have a life..
  19. The Drama of Reality

    Yeah, you wouldn't even have to write about it, you could just wait till the press finds out Maybe we'd even get something in Holland, saying something like: 15-jarige Amerikaan schiet vijf kinderen neer Thomas, ook bekend als 'Tumaros' bij zijn vrienden op het internet heeft verscheinene kinderen uit zijn omgeving neergeschoten en daarna met een lang, golvend zwaard, ook wel bekend 'slangenzwaard' bij hem, in stukjes gesneden en weggeborgen in zijn koelkast. Hij was van mening dat hij noobs (nieuwe, irritante gebruikers van het internet, red.) de das om deed. Thomas is nu voortvluchtig, nadat hij in hechtenis was genomen verdween hij op spectaculaire, Star Trek-achtige wijze uit zijn cel, door '#Beam me up Scotty' te roepen. Translated: 15-Year old American shoots five kids Thomas, also known as 'Tumaros' to his friends on the internet has shot several other kids in his hometown, after that he cut them into small pieces with a sword he calls 'Serpent Sword' and put the meat in his fridge. He thought he was killing noobs (new, irritating users of the internet, red.). Thomas is fugitive as of yesterday. After he'd been taken into custody, he disappeared in a spectacular, Star Trek-like fashion, byshouting "#Beam me up Scotty"
  20. Song Game!!

    Hoped someone would choose that song Finally someone with a real good taste of music... Shame we're not allowed to clone the artist. Ah well.
  21. Song Game!!

    Dandy Warhols - Bohemian Like You (Fred, "Nirvana - Drain You" is still a correct follow-up, even without the "Nevermind" )
  22. Where Are We?

    Herder, here's your fifth Also from Limburg, near M'tricht if you wanna know Real name: Gijs, for me last name check my mail adress, I kinda forget it everytime I boot my comp (Oh ja, de eerste die me holle bolle gijs of gijs gans noemt krijgt n klap x.x) Err, live near one of the biggest forests in the Netherlands, quite lovely in the spring, for the rest you'll find me in Landgraaf or behind me comp. Damn, I'm getting to open on these forums! *slaps himself*
  23. Together Again

    [FF9 To be percise, right? ] [Memories brought up by your last three words ] "She didn't really know, I guess." Jay replied. "But she did know we were the only ones that might be able to come through one piece, maybe one piece and some splinters." Nardo smiled. "I've heard of Orcad before. She really has the gift of foresight, but rarely uses it to do good. I think we might be set up to do something we don't really want to do, but we still have to do it if we stay together." "Well, I'm not planning on leaving you guys again!" Aira said fiercely. "And it'll be fun. Just like the old days." "Yeah, I wouldn't wanna miss anything like that," Tumaros added "Though it was kinda painful sometimes, we always managed to keep moving. You guys are the only ones which I trust enough to go on such an adventure again." "Know excactly what you mean..." Geelef went on. "We don't even have to say what we're gonna do, everybody just knows what he's got to do..." "OK people, let's quit this deep conversation and get moving, these vines get more active by the second!" Nardo interrupted them. Shooting a quick look around, Geelef saw that he was right, where the vines had lain still a few minutes ago, they were now twisting and curling again, doing their best to get off the floor, towards the intruders of their forest. Aira picked up his dagger again, Nardo and Geelef unseathed their swords and Tumaros readied his bow. "Uhh, you guys, I don't have a weapon anymore..." JJK said timidly. "The sword I had broke on one of those vines..." Geelef threw his staff to Jay, who caught it easily. "I expect it back after this." Geelef said. Draca looked at the others, to frightened to say a word. Geelef bent over to her, and whispered: "Don't worry, Cath'll protect you..." Draca nodded, and looked at the white tiger now standing between her and the vines. She swallowed. Without any further ado, the group plunged itself into the twisting vines, Aira Nardo and Geelef slashing every vine they could lay their swords on, Jay bashing the vines with Geelef's staff and Tumaros keeping the bigger ones at bay with his magical arrows. Draca followed the others closely, always protected by Catherina, who set her claws and teeth in every vine which made a move for Draca. It didn't take long to reach the wall they slashed their way through, Geelef and Aira both summoned a fireball and blasted the thick thorny viens out of their way. "Let's go, before the gap closes again!" Geelef shouted, while he slashed a vine in two which was attacking Aira from the back. Swiftly, they all jumped through the hole, two by two, Nardo and Aira being the last ones to jump out on the other side. Tumaros sent a few arrows through the gap to make sure the vines didn't come through, Aira cast a quick shielding spell over the gap. "That should hold at least until the gap's been closed..." he said. "Everybody alright?" Tumaros asked, looking at the others. "Just a few scratches." Geelef said, running his finger along a small cut on his face. "How about you, Draca?" Aira asked. "I'm fine, thanks to Cath..." she said, patting the tiger on her head." "Still, everybody should take a bit of this," Nardo said, while pulling out a vial with a bright red potion in it. "I wouldn't be surprised if those vines were poisonous, this should make sure you'll be alright." Passing the vial around, everybody took a small sip, Geelef also put a few drops into Cath's mouth. "Doesn't taste too good, I know... Just swallow it, it'll make you feel better." he whispered to his pet. "Now, where should we go from here?" Aira asked.
  24. Together Again

    The moment the man appeared, the vines dropped dead, leaving everybody watching around for the source of this sudden quietness. "Err, OK. I think my troubles just ended..." Geelef said, kinda surprised. "Hey... I've seen you before!" Nardo said, after he'd taken a quick look at the broadly smiling man. "Yeah, and I know all of you, except this girl..." the man replied. He started counting everybody off: "Aira La'Ean, Nardo Lala, Tumaros Treesoar, Geelef Greenleaves and his tiger." When he reached Draca, he just looked at her, didn't say a thing. With a small voice Draca said: "M-my n-name is Draca..." "Draca huh? Pleased to meet you. I'm JJK. Or just Jay, whatever you like." Tumaros looked up at the name, then poked JJK in his stomach, smiling. "Damn you, why didn't you say anything?" JJK just smiled back and said: "What would you've done? It seems we're all kinda getting back together again." Nardo nodded, more serious as the rest felt. "Yeah, I've noticed that... It seems like something big is going to happen. It can't be coincidence that we all, the old gang, got together again. It wouldn't surprise me if we're being brought back together somehow." "Gaia?" Geelef simply asked, but in his voice lay fear, and worry. "I really don't know, my friend." Nardo said, just as worried. "But I think it is." "Gaia? What's that?" Draca asked. "I might sound stupid, but I've no clue what it is..." "Neither do I..." Tumaros said slowly. "That makes three of us." JJK added. "Ok, let me tell you." Aira said. "I didn't know of it either, until the night that Geelef entered the tavern Nardo and I were staying. Nardo seemed to know a little bit of it, but Geelef told us alot more. It seems that the planet we live on has it's own soul, it makes it's own decisions. That soul can't control it's body, the planet, directly though, it must use the animals and people on the planet to do certain things. Erm... Geelef?" Aira looked at the green-clothed Elf, hoping he'd be able to tell the rest. "Yeah, that's about the basic thing. I think I know why Gaia took all of us. Magic is in fact the power of Gaia's soul, so every time we send a fireball at a bunny, we make contact with Gaia. And since we've been quite active at using magic, I think Gaia found it more easy to pick out us, rather than somebody else." "So, Gaia is the soul of our planet?" Draca asked. Geelef nodded. "But now we gotta get out of JJK's hiding place.." "What do you mean, hiding place? I stranded up here the same way you guys did: wandering around..." "So, we're trapped here with some evil force at work?" Tumaros asked. JJK nodded and pointed out one of the particulary big vines. "That one's moving again..."
  25. spoon fork knife or... spork

    [fijne popup 0.0 Achja...] Hehe, you gotta admit, Dutch sites pwn yoo 0.0