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  1. Crafting daily quest(s)

    I would like to see a daily crafters. but I do not like the idea of making them in front of npc. Just deliver the item that is requested. Is the same way for engineering daily or daritha. even maia. This way it gives everyone a chance to build up the skill, if they have the nexus or not. While I have the nexus and make everything that I can, some items are out of reach because of poor levels and bad astro. Today for my engineer daily, I am 10 levels below the requested item, I had 10 crit fails while making 5, had to stop and make more ess and polished emeralds to complete. Would be silly to have to do this in front of npc. So I vote no, the way it is worded now.
  2. mods are asses, ip ban really?

    Think about that, actually come up with the examples where I need to be taught a lesson. Or let IvoryRose take care of the char's and dispose and then ban. Really give a good example why I should be perma banned, And I say let you are correct and let the sto rot. But if you cant give one example why I should be perma banned, I say at least do me one favor and let my guild K&M which has very high standards, profit and use my sto to help noobs in the game. What harm could that produce? Let my years here have some meaning, other then a silly stupid he said I said thats it stomp feet and ban!
  3. mods are asses, ip ban really?

    ok, no problem. As I stated above, I think yours and darroks constant pm is harassment. I feel very confident I should have treated you rudely pm. If you had a good reason to pm me, if I did something other then a silly mischannel to deserve the tongue lashing. And actually demanding I reply right away to the pm or going to kick me ... LOL!!!! I hit // to reply and another mod is pm'ing me about it, now I have to stop and type out the name manually .... its a fucking joke that getting 3 pm from 3 mods over 1 mis channel. I never said the 3rd mods name because they did stop and got the hint. I wont throw them in here. And because you pm me, that pisses me off and I treat you rude, you mute me for a silly call nocturne nocturd .... we sound like a couple 12 year old kids. Not no but HELL NO! I am not going to apologize to Revi or darrok for acting like lil kids. I would also expect a apology from them. I will take a moment here, and apologize to Radu I appreciate all the hard work you have been putting in to the game, the new features, updating weapons and doing your best to make it a fun game for everyone. I really like Aquilas idea with AA and the private lil 2 man battles, is going to be a big hit. Just to bad that you have to have humans as mods to screw up all your hard efforts. Let me also explain something to wolfwitch and alphabet. Since am being accused to talking bad about mods. All I said originally about alphabet is he is a ass, I mean this because his style of play and char is changing over the years. There is nothing wrong with this. alphabet has broken no rules, but I look at him differently and would now put him in the same group as busterbladder, starkie, st-arcane, nocTURD You get the idea, This is my opinion after playing with alphabet since he was TEEHEE Try to explain the same thing to wolfwitch, her guildie did not break any rules, but as a honorable Knight & merchant, I really would not prefer to be allies with alphabet. And if that means not allies with *PR*, so be it, but this is my attitude and not K&M as a whole. So for My opinion as stated above, I was attacked by Aquila and wolfwitch, alphabet never said anything and I really doubt he and I have any issues between us. So Revi can you think of any mod left out that was rude to? This is a role playing game, I think have explained why was rude. If I hurt your feeling Revi, you should not take it out on Radu. What about unlock my char's funfool and Los_Control to IvoryRose custody? And let her dispose of sto to BassBanes, the k&m guild bot, then perma ban the char? Without a apology from darrock and Revi, I already have moved on and do not see me playing el again.
  4. mods are asses, ip ban really?

    ok I cooled down a bit after a couple days, maybe I would prefer to get the char unlocked and unbanned. I have no intentions of returning and playing, but might be nice to give it 6 months to a year and then decide. I can at least give away my sto if I do not play again. Darrock I am not surprised you did not read the thread. and see where I did understand why you locked my ip Although I thought it was Revi who banned the ip. You have to remember, was just a couple weeks ago and made a silly mis channel in 3, unless you select the channel, the post just automagically goes to the last channel you posted in. As a mixer, I post in 3 a lot. But if you have been playing and not posting for a couple days, is easy to mis channel, or if active posting and switching between 3 and 6, again it is easy. I feel the best way to handle the mis channel is to do a face palm, post in correct channel and just move on. The last time I did a mis channel, I had 3 mods pm me, one was demanding immediate attention or was going to kick me on the spot. I got rude to the mods, why are you pm'ng me over trivial lil crap, go ahead and kick me if you think you want to. I find it totally rude for the pm, just to tell me what a piece of shit I am for making a honest mistake that many make. And then the other day when Revi muted me for saying nocturd, I blew up and lost it. I understand I should not have posted pm in channel, but you understand I also lost all respect for mods, and I think for good reason. Now there is only the 3 mods that constantly pm me and totally ruined the game for me, not all are bad. So here I am asking nicely, unlock the chars and ip and I will not cause anymore problems in the game. If I come back in several months and see nothing changed, I can say hello and goodbye to my friends and dispose of sto.
  5. mods are asses, ip ban really?

    Just lock and close this thread, I am done. I will not return after this post.
  6. mods are asses, ip ban really?

    Yes you were just as drunk as I was, and then you came back the next day and started it all over again, was then I left k&m so could deal with you on my own with no guild, I was never kicked. So as you say, you see things on your own as how you want them to be. Whatever you said to vino or ice does not concern me, I told them you were acting like a lil crybaby and needed a whAAAAHmbulance. was totally ridiculous for you to get in so deep because I said something about your friend. And then you kept escalating it to something incredible .... was no reason for it and unbecoming of a game moderator. Because you kept escalating it, I may have said some things I really did not mean, but was not going to back down either. Glad you have peace with yourself.
  7. mods are asses, ip ban really?

    After thinking more about it today, think just prefer to stay banned. Is so many times Revi pm me to try to be a tough mod. once she pm me and chastised me for replying to a poster in market. She said that I should not reply to the poster, and only original poster should! If she scrolled up a few lines she would see I was the original poster for a price check. But because she has it out for me, she just jumped without thinking, same thing happened last night with Nocturne, because it was me she just muted me. This is just a game and suppose to be fun, we need asses like nocturne to to make up a well rounded player base. And I would continue to call him a turd. I called Alphabet a ass one time, said was not a person I would like to sit down and drink beer with. OMG, you should have seen Aquila get his panties all bunched, was ready to start guild wars all over me calling abc a ass. I love abc, dont get me wrong, like busterbladder, a great guy but dont want to be allies with him in the game. But I love that buster, abc, nocturne are in the game, it makes it interesting. Think about this, do you really think I hurt alphabets feelings by calling him a ass, I bet he grinned from ear to ear, but Aquila drug it to point of guild wars.Of course wolfwitch has problems with me because I said something about her guildie. Aislinn, you have always been a very nice person and remember the extra effort you went through to help me with a problem I was having. But if I have made a promise to my guild that I simply will ignore Aquila and not let him get to me, wofwitch I simply ignore also, but Revi forces her dirty deeds on me, this game is just not fun. I earned a ip ban from verbally attacking a mod, but I am not sorry for it, she deserves it and more. Just put me down as, "does not play well with others" I do not kiss ass, and will call asses a ass when I see it. Some just have a hard time with that.
  8. mods are asses, ip ban really?

    I had a very hard time believing Revi would mute me for saying nocturd.! Really, nocturne comes into 6 and he says FUCK this FUCK that all day long, so I call him a nocturd and I get muted? Is just wrong and mod throwing their weight around. If I make a mistake and mischannel in @3, instead of saying sorry and spamming the channel again, I just move on and post in correct channel. The same mod is pm me and telling me what a idiot I am for the mis-channel. Yes I have a problem with this mod, and to be muted for calling nocurne, nocturd is stupid. Was just this particular mod looking to puff out their chest and use their powah. I understand the ip ban, moderation is not a topic for discussion, but I think it should be discussed in this matter. Just no reason for a mod to pick and choose who they will mute, and who gets a pass. If your going to mute me for saying nocturd, you better be ready to mute 90% of @6
  9. Thats my Bag

    I have got bag jumped a lot, mainly in gypsum while muling. Not complaining, I only keep just a few more then my mule can carry, so is a small bag and can just start a new bag next to my old one. For the most part, the char doing the jumping are low level alts, at least has been my experience. So it would not be a big deal for a harvester to get the bag back. Also would force the Main to use their "main char" if they want to keep the bag. This causing them to use their valuable game time instead of training, they would be sitting on a bag waiting for it to poof. Of course I can see ways that this could be abused, using trickery to get foe to jump bag and start a guild war, with everyone in hiding waiting for the bag jump to happen. Would that really be a bad thing? Assuming it only affects those involved.
  10. Thats my Bag

    I agree, A chance to get the bag back would only be fair. Another way to perhaps encourage pk. I certainly can see no harm in letting the original owner of the bag have a chance to fight for it. Question is, can only the owner of the bag attack, or will be open for any player to attack?
  11. New perk ideas

    rite of passage The transistion from a boy/girl to man/woman Will need to have a certain level of skills to have a chance to try for it. Maybe put naked player on a map, will need to use skills to make items from the map, to get to the finish line. Maybe allow player 5 items in inventory (like a bow and arrow)? With discussion, I think could come up with goals and obstacles to complete. It should be very difficult, not everyone will win. But can try again later. Maybe have to offer 3 rosto to teh god for a chance to try. A dragon scale and other items. What would the reward be? As a noob, I have thought of several ways that could make it exciting. Curious to see what the pro's would come up with, if the idea is accepted. Sorry if this is in the wrong place.
  12. daritha 10 tit swords loop

    I have forum account now and want to document this bug here, I was given task to give daritha 10 titanium short swords for daily quest. I give her the swords, she gives me points and some gc. Next day I go back and ask if she needs help and say I will do it. She then ask, Where are my 10 tit short I asked for? I give her 10 more, get points and some gc. Next day same thing, where are the 10 tit short I asked for? This went on for 4 days. I had problem with forum account and could not post here, I can now. I reported to mods in pm about the problem and also chan 6. Once radu found out, The broken loop was gone, and I got quest of 12 steel chains. I wish this was end of story. The next day, I get quest of 10 tit swords again, and again today ... (2 days in a row) This time does not seem like bug, just got same quest 2 days in a row. Before she asked where the swords were she asked for, like I did not complete quest. Now she just says normal, she wants swords for prizes in contest. I completed the mission the day before and is new mission. Although same mission as day before. I just wanted to post here to give update on where I am with this bug, If got something else after the steel chains besides tit swords, would not bother to post here. As is, I am on 60 swords in 7 days. I will post tomorrow what she gives me, I hope is not swords. I am a new player and takes all my resources to get ing's for another guild member to help make them. Takes all the fun out of game and makes boring. I can just quit doing daritha though. Anyways is now documented on forums and I am not trying to cheat.