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  1. WoW

    So...? Was it because he said something in the game is wrong or he did something really bad? Don't get it. Ok, banned by bot not by some human who got pissed off at the posting on the forum or chat about how game is bad. I doubt it's that much automated. Don't understand this, explain, can you go to 4th continent in EL even now when it doesn't exist yet? Amagad! Ofc they are going to get banned because of it, what's wrong with it . Tools? You have macro editor to enter 250 chars of few script calls that make casting and targeting easier, that's not macro that does stuff on it's own like mining etc, it's just a handy tool that helps you do some stuff faster without too much clicking. On the other hand more serious raid encounters are sometimes hard to do without some form of macroing and adjusting your actions/spells. Illegal addons are forbidden ofc. Yes you can, mostly crap item because everything else is Bind on Pickup and can't be sent/shared/traded to anyone. Sending gold to your other chars can help you get them leveled faster but what then, you still need to play with it and do hard stuff to get your hands on good equipment.
  2. WoW

    Ugh well, that's like comparing maintanance of Hello world program and Office package. Playing WoW for nearly 4 months never had an issue with it. And as far as customer support goes, well, let's just say I haven't heard of anyone getting banned from WoW for saying something is wrong with the game.
  3. What was your first guild?

    Um, hi. *CO* -> DiE!
  4. Voted NO because of this, make it better a rare stone OR hydro bars and don't sell in EL shop. What's the point of this when they will be available from the shop anyway... it will be even easier to get in game power with $$, hydro bars at least take some time to make. And another major issue, getting nexus with hydro bars then using that rare stone or buying in the EL shop to get the pp back and put it on p/c.. this is very wrong idea IMO!
  5. Not the first time they talk like this, have them on ignore for quite a while now but if they send this to other people too I think it's rule breaking.
  6. Buddy List mantanence

    Again, a client-side file would not work on multiple computers. This data, I am sure, is part of the data in the 100k files learner is talking about. Searching and grabbing every time a player logs on? With 500+ concurrent users? Not likely. Swapping to a database may be a useful idea, but it probably isn't worth the work for something this simple. I think Atlantis is talking about server side list not client side. And another thing, If all buddy lists are converted so that they contain a name too there's no need to search thru all those 100k files. You seem to have missed few last posts .
  7. Buddy List mantanence

    Well yes, that would be the solution but you would need to edit everyones buddy list and make it that format.
  8. Buddy List mantanence

    *sigh* Well, you could queue several #list_buddy requests and search for all id's at once in one pass but too much work for something not so important.
  9. Buddy List mantanence

    Ok so if I get it right, there is a number which in this case is an ID of a player, so we just need to search for the player with that ID and take the name. I dont see much difference in searching online players pool and database files. Sure it can be resource heavy and that might be a reason why it wasn't implemented so far, considering that database has few k of players, some of them not even playing anymore. It's alot of job for a small thing but.. Why would offline players need to appear in buddy list at all, let's just make it work like #save command so that when you ask for the list it gives you everyone you have on it, same as #storage works without arguments (lists everything) and limit it's usage per time, just like #save works. This way it would be less heavy on the resources. I doubt people would use it every day, maybe even once in few months just to clear the list of unwanted/non-playing names. I might be just talking nonsence but it's a suggestion.
  10. Buddy List mantanence

    Ugh.. well, I'm not n00b at programming so I seriously doubt anyone could have made something as simple as buddy list to be so complicated that it cannot have a new feature but ok, maybe I'm wrong.
  11. Buddy List mantanence

    Sorry for bringing this topic back but is there any news on this? I think we had several server updates since this topic started but no command to list all buddies yet, it would be quite usefull.
  12. Whats your Favourite song at the Moment?

    Anubis pro Title: Egypt Artist: Eat Static Album: 1200 Micrograms Remixed Year: 2006 Comment: MYCEL^2oo6 Genre: Psychadelic
  13. Then the models, houses, players are way too big too for that kind of proportion. Even now in darker areas even when there is light source you can see across half a screen that's just few steps wide. As I said (and no one replied/commented on it, dunno why), skybox+free camera+bigger distances = solution for all the unreal things this new visibility system makes. Also a suggestion, names/hp bar and maybe armor data can be withheld before the model/monster is shown to make transition before visible and unvisible zone smoother, like making one more zone between them, so you know there is someone/something but not in what condition it is.
  14. Well, it seems to work just fine for the way it's set up and the way that game works atm. As the main problem here I see camera not being fully "free" to control, and having a fixed camera so that the space where this visibility can be limited is the width of the screen which is not wide enough to make any sense of real distance. Yes I know you can broaden the view by perspective setting, but that's not free camera and it makes FPS go down all the time not just when you want to look far ahead. As I said it works quite ok having all ^^ in mind, but together with a totaly free camera this can look much better and more real.
  15. Whats your Favourite song at the Moment?

    Title: Azymuth Artist: Man With No Name Album: Moment of Truth Year: 1996 Comment: PsyCZ Team 2005 Track: 5 Genre: Goa