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  1. The Vikings have returned to Eternal-lands! After many years we are finally back! Donpedro (ingame name = Konta) and me ("Zorro") will lead the vikings back to their former glory!!!! More then ever we will strike back !! At this point we are recruiting new Vikings , you need to have a skill over 50 (not oa) to join ! New ^v^ forum: http://z13.invisionfree.com/Vikings_El/index.php?act=idx You can apply on our forum or talk with me or Konta in the game to join! Also old ^v^ members are more then welcome to join !!!! (Accetuly we are counting on it! Defend the pride and glory of the Vikings once more!) See you in the game all !! Greetz Z
  2. Zorro

    ow kk thank you for understanding i'll see to it that they wont trade again Greetz zorro
  3. Zorro

    But tropicalbeats doesn't know any of our passwords ? so we don't share characters she just plays with my bro and trades with him and i know because my bro sits next to her when she plays here so he would know if they traded here ... But what i don't get is why can't i use an alt to trade with someone , it would be the same if a friend starts and i give him some stuff nothing wrong with that i think ? No stuff was given from vbot or zorro to darkz , because we had to many problems with that so we don't do that again ... But why can't we give something to tropicalbeats shes a player and girlfriend/friend it's normal to help her out i think when she is new ? So arround a month for the others ? :s Greetz zorro
  4. Zorro

    Euhm Bella isn't mine .... ? Socio en nickcr dont got even a skill over 20??? and i didn't go on them for months i guess? i even forgot passwords ... because i tried to log on them but really forgot pass so made new char Zorro1 to ask ppl what to do for a sec why can't he trade it would be the same playing with some other player you can check tropicalbeats only logs on a few times here when she is here but then they dont trade she always trades when shes at home Don't know you tell me ? in my eyes they didn't do anything wrong just play and trade she plays too so she is a player like another No he doesn't else he would train zorro and not start all over Zorro
  5. Zorro

    Dear sir / madame It seems that i got all my characters locked or banned . My brother tried to log in but couldn't so i tried my own and it seems that its indeed locked or banned . He asked his girlfriend who plays 2 and she can't log in either . So with this im asking what has happend with the characters ? --> I'm only using Zorro to say hello to the guild and once in a while a ranging level you can ask anyone . --> Darkz is my brother who started to play again after his chars getting blocked or locked all the time --> Tropicalbeats is his girlfriend --> And Vbot is an alt and who gave some stuff to tropicalbeats to level her character Greetz Zorro
  6. banned?

    ok ty for your time Greetz Z
  7. banned?

    ok i won't trade with any alt's again , im sorry and it really won't happen again Greetz Z
  8. banned?

    Is there anything i can do to get myself unlocked faster , like deleting 3oo with all items ? Greetz Z
  9. banned?

    didnt know that it was against the rules to help him. If i had know that you cant come on it i wouldnt had done it. I even ask for the trading because didnt want to brake the rules. I think i cant say nothing more i will see whats your decision. Maybe i had to ask more at the mod stupid me but if you give me a chance i will ask everything, that you may not do and the things you can do. Greetz zorro
  10. banned?

    I'm not using it. Or is it against the rules to log on your bro's char and to train his magic lvl? With his money, essences and potions
  11. banned?

    He havent played on loyd for like more then a year. I dont make profit out of him. He uses all his money for his stats. I train to get stronger. I think you are wrong. Also i dont make a scene. If i want to make benefit out of him i would train him constantley to fast money. But i dont we both just wanna have fun. Vbot isnt mine char, its a char thats was from the guild ^V^ we where training it to be a guild bot but ^V^ is dead now and we use it just for fun.I didnt traded with vbot. I started with 3oo a few days agow i wanted to make a char for the guild 300, but my bro said can i train it plz i said yes after he was having fun i said its your character. Greetz zorro
  12. banned?

    Lol sorry aislinn but your loggs are wrong he even hasnt read a book of molding or book of bars yet if you want to check unlock 3oo and can make a screenshot of his knowledge. I dont make profit with the fes and realy dont care. I just wanna have fun in the game. If i want to have money i dont use thrue sight and can fight against fluff for one hour without using hes or srs. If i want bars i can make them my self and wouldnt fail. Greetz zorro
  13. banned?

    I have given him some armors so that he can train. And ingreds for fes->which he sold to buy hes,srs. On zorro i only train on a/d i dont need the money of alch i can have it from fighting. What i dont understand if a mod tells i can trade, then its not against the rules. And now its against the rules. I asked before doing it. If he had said no i wouldnt have traded with him. I realy like the game. If you say you cant trade i will never trade anymore with him. Greetz zorro
  14. banned?

    with what character 3oo?3oo is my brother, i have screenie where i asked mod if i could trade and they said yes but limit the trade to a few times , i traded 2 times or so Greetz Z http://img441.imageshack.us/my.php?image=elbrotherat7.png
  15. banned?

    Hello, Me and my brother 3oo can't log in , if we try to log in nothing happens , so i asked mod what to do thats why i posted here can anyone explain me something please? Ty for your help Greetz zorro