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  1. Post your video card info here

    Video card: GeForce4 440 Go 64M/AGP/SSE2/3DNOW! Vendor ID: NVIDIA Corporation OpenGL Version: 1.5.3 No problems (did only few testing, like interracting with creatures end NPCs, always in "poor man"). Driver version:
  2. Quote of the week submissions

    [silas @ 1]: so the 50% chance only applies to slots with something in it? not just a random selection of slots loses item? [Jarld @ 1]: Silas, do you really think you can lose stuff from empty slots? [silas @ 1]:
  3. Can't acces storage

    This bug still happens: one character has storage open (and is in range), trades with another character who's not in storage range. Then when the first character tries to access storage, he gets the "Can't access storage from here!" message.
  4. Francais!

    Sois le bienvenu parmi nous, frère Nain !
  5. What about people living with children?
  6. 1.5.0 Map Bugs

    At 140,326, the tree can be walked through. [FIXED]
  7. Which part of the brain do you use more?

    I'm both-side-brained OK, right side at first, but I'm able to see the dancer moving clockwise and anti-clockwise.
  8. Skeptic Perk

    Not going to get it
  9. astrology

    I think I can answer your question #1 (supposing what I've understood is correct - but I'm pretty sure it is ): the chance of making rare stuff (like all other chances off doing something) is totally independant of what you've made before.
  10. Francais!

    Il est temps de ressusciter ce topic, puisqu'il avait atteint le bas de la première page Alors, si vous avez envie de parler en français à d'autres joueurs d'EL (peu importe le sujet - dans la limite des régles du forum, bien sûr ), n'hésitez pas, on est quelques uns à passer par ici régulièrement, il y aura forcément des réponses.
  11. Gnomes

    Yes true, too much alcohol, iron (or titanium ) and hair on dwarves. And we don't let people eat us anyway Off topic: I noticed Hyperion's signature and remembered Sistema's one... How many princes of Dra Syn are there?!
  12. New client menu mock-up

    Just a thought, some players have troubles typing @ and # characters (due to special keyboard layout, or so): it might be good to add menu items to type them.
  13. Saving Stones

    Be careful when you say something like that, it can lead to 2 very different adjustments (higher xp for saving stone - as you expect - or lower xp for vial mold...)
  14. Favorite skill.

    Manufacture If EL didn't have this skill, I would've never started playing
  15. Did you always want to be an all arounder?

    When I started I wanted to be a manuer. I needed to fight to get the first ingredients, and I soon found out that fighting was easier to level, so I fought to get overall experience faster. At that time I mostly used cooked meat when mixing, so I started making FEs. And found out that I could get money from them, and EFEs (much more money! - now I regret selling my first EFE, lol). Of course it involved harvesting. As I was fighting, I wanted to train magic so that I can heal myself. And I wanted to make my essences myself, so I trained alchemy harder. Let's sum up: manufacturing, fighting, harvesting, alchemy, magic. Cooldown had been introduced, and I was mixing stuff that needed more food, so I thought drinking potions of feasting would be better than eating cooked meat. So I started training potion. I became bored and stopped for a while. But finally I found out I could get money from SRs, so I started again. As I became better at manufacturing, I wanted to be able to make glowy swords. So I needed to get magic nexus. I thought it was bad to have a magic nexus 5 and rarley using it. So I started training crafting. And found I could get money that way too When engineering was introduced, I tried it. But until we can get money from it, I won't train it much. As you can see, I'm a real greedy dwarf What didn't I mention? Summoning... I barely trained it, I'm not interested in spending pickpoints in animal nexus.