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  1. How about being able to hire out/book for free a room sized pk arena with other players so you can have a fight together without anyone else interfering?
  2. i think there should be a topic somewhere (maybe next to Roja's "what will and will not go in the game" topic) advising players on what would be good to make suggestions on (e.g. pking). if the mods feel there is anything the game needs to have implemented or improved, then they can add it to that list so that more players will be more likely to give ideas on that something. this way there will be fewer suggestions made on things not needed, not wanted or that have already been suggested (i hope this isnt one of them) and more suggestions concerning issues that the mods feel they need ideas for and that would improve the game. this should help get the game on course for being even better, quicker.
  3. What was your first guild?

    Lore, and it was the best guild i ever moved from, because it fell apart, leaving me behind, so i didnt have to betray anyone and start a guild jumping chain...well, not yet anyway. now i think i'll stay where i am, in Rivan Warriors. looking round for a better guild never pays off to satisfy. they're all the same really (in my opinion).
  4. i dont know what the developers have planned on making a storyline, but if they do ever get implemented, cut scenes could be used. every now and then a new section of a story could crop up as a cutscene. the whole game would freeze for a short space of time while a previously recorded video cut scene is playing. it can then be watched again in the forums. alternatively it could just go straight to the forums.
  5. i think bronze armour is a bad idea, a new evil "bronze" army might be born! cool looking armour though.
  6. ip ban

    ip banned but neither i nor anyone else has done anything wrong whilst using this ip. im the only one that plays the game and uses this ip.
  7. serpent swords, titanium platemails and steel helmets. lots of people have these in-game, not just one. how about having rare items, where there is only one of it in the game. it cannot break or disappear. also, there could be certain items where only specific types of players can wear/wield it, like gm's or mods. p.s. apologies if this has been suggested already, i did my best trying to search.
  8. World event

    how about concentrating on normal quests first. this kind of quest is way too ridiculous and over the top.
  9. The Tavern Channel

    Derin, valley's vault sounds like a super idea, and a well addictive game. i dont really understand how a player wins though. is it the player with the most coins at the end of a time limit? player who reaches a set score first? or is how a player wins gonna be decided before the game begins?
  10. The Tavern Channel

    ORC! Another possible EL Tavern Game. a game of memory and reactions. aim of the game: obtain more cards than your opponent(s) number of players: 2 (possibly more) number of cards: 52 the cards are divided into 13 different monsters of EL, 4 of each. these would be: -goblin -skeleton -phantom warrior -orc -gargoyle -troll -ogre -cyclops -desert chim -mountain chim -arctic chim -forest chim -fluffy rabbit how to play -shuffle the cards and place them down on the table, face down, and randomly. -flip a coin to see who goes first. -turn over any two cards. if they are different, turn them back over. if they are the same, put those two cards onto the "jackpot pile". it is then the next player's turn. -if you turn over two cards and they are both orc cards, the first person to say "orc!" wins the jackpot pile. you then shuffle the remaining cards (including the orc cards you turned over) and deal them out again and repeat the above. -you keep doing this until there are only 4 cards left, which would be the four orc cards as they dont get put into the jackpot pile. -the player who has won the most cards, wins. this is quite similar to that real life card game, i think it's called "memory" or something, but it does have its own EL twist. anyway i think it would be cool if you put real life card games (or any kind of game) into EL with a bit of a unique twist, as well as original games thought up by our very own EL characters. Algunar
  11. i dont really know what you guys are planning for quests right now, but what i do know is that all the quests i have done so far are item collection quests. i would like to see proper fighting quests, where the quest is completed through fighting, not by picking up DB's or even easier, what most people do, buy the items from shops. this new kind of quest would work by making it so that when you say "yes" after some npc says "orcs attacking our village! will you help?", a procedure starts. firstly, you get transferred (or teleported) to another map. this map is exactly the same as one of the places in EL (somewhere like Mynadar or Corren), only in a different world, and it is just that part of the map. this means all the non-moving objects (houses, barrels etc.) are there, but all moving objects, or "living things" (players, monsters, npcs etc.) are gone. so you're left all by yourself there, meaning... ...secondly, the so called monsters attacking the village can spawn there and attack you, without affecting the lives of players in the "normal" world. you then kill all the spawns off and, possibly with the help of the new counters thing, it is realised that you have successfully completed the quest, meaning... ...thirdly, you are automatically teleported back to the npc you spoke to and you receive your reward. if you died during the quest, you go to the underworld, like normal. this whole teleporting to another world thing is because it would be so unfair if the chimmys you were gonna fight spawned in the "real" world, cos, obviously, noobs die. also, it would mean that you can design maps especially for quests, and not have to worry about how they fit in with everything else. these quests could also be other kinds of quests, not just fighting, but, erm...you spawn into a map of chess! or something. chess is just ridiculous though. anyway, thoughts and comments plz. Algunar
  12. at the moment i only see 1 animation when i fight something. i'd like to see there being more animations. this would not affect how well a player fights, but it would just make it look cool. watching fights will become so much more entertaining! fighting style could be dependant on: 1) choosing between a number of styles in options. or 2) the weapon being held at the time. there could be a style for each weapon in the game! or 3) 1 & 2 put together, only some choices are available in options depending on the weapon being held. Algunar
  13. - each continent could be divided into 4 territories/sections, A, B, C and D, each with a different name. - each section is almost like a separate government. - each one has a certain relationship with other sections. this relationship can be altered however the game mods want, between neutral, enemy and ally. changes in relationship can be announced in the announcement part of the forums, with an account of an incident or something of why the change happened. - if a section has another section regarged as an enemy, then invasions can happen (different kind of invasion) this is where a section attacks another. troops from that section are spawned in one of the countries of the other section. troops from the other section are spawned in that country also. these troops will fight the other side of troops. Mods will post a blue message, like in the current invasions. - these troops will have AI so that they attack any other kind of troops, but not players. they'll be like animals with the skin of playable races. they can be identified by the name above their head, like "SectionAean" or something. - the side who wins, by defeating all the other troops, will gain money which will go towards making a stronger army of troops. now where do players come in? -at any time, players can enter that country and start attacking any of the troops (could be that players have to join one of the sides through a process, but that might be too complicated). they can either go massacring all the troops, or they could fight for one of the sides. -there will be an npc in each section whose purpose is to alllow players to donate to these troop armies because some players would like to help out one of the sides. players can donate money to the npc to improve the army of troops. players can choose whether it will go towards number of troops, troop equipment, troop skills etc. - then when another little battle happens, players can go and fight the other side with the aid of stronger troops. this would add to invasions, being battles of npcs to npcs, where invasions now are npcs to players. it would add a whole lot of story to invasions and the whole game too, as sections can be opposing, but not fighting at a time, but just posting death threats to each other or something like that. it would help make the game go deeper as this kind of invasion is like a side matter, which doesnt drastically affect what players do. Algunar
  14. Cant connect after update :(

    no, it definitely hasnt blocked it.
  15. Cant connect after update :(

    ive searched around these forums, knowing that there's bound to be some other post from another player with the same problem as me, but no. when i try to load up EL 1.30 it says it cant connect, and ive tried several things to get it working, but no. please help