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  1. El Shop

    ok Edit: I'll be online, umm Wednesday 20 or Thursday 21, at 3-6pm Eastern Time. Btw the forums used to bother me too, but i LOVE them now! awesome work! and the new EL symbol with el infront of what looks like a tribal-kind of dragon is great too.
  2. El Shop

    Can I redo the source code for the El shop? It's driving me nuts- lol . Or is someone currently working on it since new weps and armor came out? I'd be happy to help. -Chrish16
  3. Total guilds war

    This reminds me of a game called "Guild Wars" Edit: I forgot the forums aren't HTML enabled.
  4. Guess the player name!

    magic? lol
  5. Guess the player name!

    wtf is that :)
  6. Guess the player name!

    No one wants to do anything... so... 7 Hint: He's a player name this one is kinda easy
  7. what do you think about this game?

    i think its really stupid...
  8. oh fine, but the last time i went afk i got 200+ messages...
  9. Well, i thought this feature would come in handy because of alot of people who are annoying. There's this newb (no names mentioned) who i helped with one small problem, and he asked me to have my name on his list, i turned off privacy and he has me on his list. HE IS ANNOYING!!! he thinks im the 24/7 mod fast response team -_-. And he always PM's me pointless crap. Example <NAME>:Hi, im a bot pm me with "help" to see my commands. chrish16: whatever 1 MINUTE LATER. <NAME>:Im sorry im a bot and i did not understand you command. Please pm me with "Help" for a list of commands. chrish16: fine, help 10 MINUTES LATER, ive finally gotten the whole list, he thinks hes so funny... Id LOVE to have my name off his list, as soon as i log on this crap starts And ill also mention he thinks im the richest person ever "Can you buy me a mm cloak"... Well, thats not the only crappy story thats hes given me... I'd appreciate if this feature was added -Chrish16
  10. Invisibility

    Nice idea, but whats the lvl of magic needed??
  11. Looking for a great guild to join? Try Fun!, anyone can join, all you need is 1 skill of 20, we have fun activities such as projects to train your skills, drawings (raffles) and guild contests, + alot more! #guild_info fun! : Guild Fun! has 3 members. The guild URL is: Under Construction! General info: We are a guild that believes in enjoying ourselves. We have alot of activities and projects we do daily, we also help each other and new players out. Joining the guild: Anyone can join, all you need is 1 skill of 20. No bagjumpers, beggars or scammers allowed. PM Chrish16 (GM) to join.
  12. How did this happen? [SOLVED]

    no i dont ais, i have 3 of my own websites i must keep up with
  13. Titanium armor

    why not make a new sword with each new set of armor? (So it'd look like an outfit )? Edit: I love it as it is though *cheers*
  14. TinkerBelle

    honestly, i think shes a scammer... i never win anything but 5gc and i only won that ONCE, i have spent over 1k on that bot and only get stupid fortune cookies My favorite bot is "Gamble" :P