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  1. It seems that there are too many BP capes in EL at the moment, they're not really used for anything either. I suggest they be used for summoning or somewhat, it would dispose of them pretty quickly. They could be used to summon Ogres or Feros or somewhat.
  2. Re-think reseting!

    I'm confused, if it's not affecting you in any way, why did you post this?
  3. Re-think reseting!

    This is an intelligent idea, I see no problem with it. You just don't like it because it targets people who lack the experience of ever encountering said person before they reset. Maybe the person who dies should check that person's ranks next time.
  4. What was your first guild?

    I don't remember it's original name, but it was later known as ~DW~ (Dwarven Warlords). Oddly enough, I was an elf
  5. I agree. I mean, honestly, if YOU can think of good weapon ideas, don't you think they can think of better ones?
  6. How old are you?

    Shouldn't people regain eligibility for this poll every year? I mean, time doesn't stand still
  7. Removal Stones - where did you find one?

    I've found a Magic Removal Stone and an Instinct Removal stone in Morcraven Marsh Silver Cave mining silver ore
  8. I think it increase the market for leather boots, as well as decrease the millions of them that are already out there, if leather boots were an ingredient in making metal greaves. Just the metal greaves, dragon greaves are expensive enough, not to mention it wouldn't make much sense. Only iron, steel, titanium, and bronze greaves should require leather boots.
  9. Hybrid Capes

    I still believe the Cape of Protection is a very good idea due to the fact that the Warlock's Cloak is almost useless at this point in the game. And yes, I do have several opinions to back that up. It seemed to me that the Engineering skill needed some more items or something, maybe this idea would give the Engineering skill a boost and thus in turn would increase the value of the Warlock's Cloak. In conclusion: no matter how much merit the hybrid cape idea has, I still believe that the Cape of Protection would benefit the game in many different ways.
  10. Hybrid Capes

    I was thinking and I would think that you would need AT LEAST 8 of one nexus or maybe 5 of two different nexus to make these capes. And maybe the recommended level could be higher. But if you look, the hybrid cape isn't as potent as the 2 original capes. It would only be sensible to put the requirements to make this type of item very high and thus it would make them very rare and very valuable.
  11. Hybrid Capes

    you could always add a trim around the cloak This I believe is quite simple and possible but bear with me, I don't think this is a very good image hosting site: http://tinypic.com/view.php?pic=6cy9lw3
  12. Hybrid Capes

    I believe that NMTs shouldn't be tampered with, it would screw up market pricing. If it gets higher than it already is it'll be impossible for people to get their hands on one.
  13. The idea of capes is a very good idea, but I've always wanted to wear two capes at once. I believe that hybrid capes would be a good way to boost engineering skill. The hybrid shouldn't be as potent as the original cape or capes though. There could also be enriched cape, I don't think all of them should be able to be enriched because that'd ruin their market value. It should require a binding stone or two (depending on which one you're making) to make a hybrid cape. Enriched Capes should take two enrichment stones. I have comprised an example of an enriched cape and a hybrid cape's ingredients. Cape of Protection: Gives Immunity to BroD and BoD; Gives the wearer +6 Magic Resistance Required Materials: 1 Warlock's Cloak, 1 Cape of the Unbreakable, 2 Binding Stones, 20 Energy Essence Knowledge Needed: Cape of Protection Recommended Engineering Level: 45 Engineering Experience Given: 2500 Food Subtracted: 40 Stackable: No Weight: 22 EMU Enriched Fast Regeneration Cape: Gives the wearer the ability to recharge health/mana at 5x normal rate Required Materials: 2 Fast Regeneration Capes, 2 Enrichment Stones, 50 energy essence Knowledge Needed: Enriched Fast Regeneration Cape Recommended Engineering level: 65 Engineering Experience Given: 2000 Food Subtracted: 35 Stackable: No Weight: 5 EMU The Enriched Cape idea might not be so hot due to the perks that already give the Cape effects, but I believe that Hybrid Capes is a very good idea and could be added onto a lot. Not all of the Capes should be able to be put into a hybrid cape, though. I had some trouble coming up with names for the Hybrid Capes, that was the only trouble I had with this idea. I also didn't put in any nexus requirements due to the fact that I didn't know what nexus would be required to engineer other futrue items such as the Camo Cape. There should be some nexus requirements for these items I would think.
  14. can't connect to server after 1.3.3 update

    I can't, I don't have access to it