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  1. I just love em but theres so little use for em I know i know its not done yet. But I worked a long time to be able to summon bears and when I tried them the results were bad.. I was hopefull cause I have seen my pumas hit lvl 50 players for about 10-12 damage WITH the usual armor. When I finally decided to try some bears the results were not very hopefull. Lvl 70 players didnt got hit once for 14 though. Lvl 50's got 1 or 2 hits of 20. AND A LVL 39 PLAYER killed 3 bears while i was healing em ;( Ok he got hit quit some few hits of 22 i think... But still that bear should have a superior attack power? Problem is their combat is too low and i mean healing a bear with 10 while it gets hit for 20-30?!? doesnt work.. Suggestion: - Raise combat to about 50 - Raise healing to 20 instead of 10 I am still hoping to see more summonable creatures in the future with better use in battle
  2. enchanting

    Echanted weapons could also poison somebody, freeze somebody, etc there are more suggestions other then using weapons just for attack, hit,armor.
  3. Summoning + Magic

    Thats correct I suggested something like that a while back. Also suggested increase in combat as they couldnt even hit certain players but then again combat will not be used anymore..
  4. Potions

    It will be nice for potion makers I guess but for people who really depend on potions -> body rest and mind rest will have to pay a hell to get some.. So nobody unless u have a high level to earn money can get u those potions cause everyone will pay even more for them. Unless u can afford the nexuses to make em yourself..
  5. Free/Paid

  6. ip adress blocked

    He had multiple characters and it sounds like something he could have done.
  7. Admin command

    Teenage Mutant Turtle Helpers?
  8. Sorry for the bad image didnt want to upload it again. I was summoning gargs and somehow this 1 froze. Nobody else could see it but me. I tried attacking it which resulted in 2 weird messages as u see.
  9. p2p bows ect...

    Ok i've got a better idea..what about we have no game at all!!!!! Ow dear that must have been your worst suggestion what so ever
  10. Some weird frozen summoning?

    Cant tell havent been on since and only done gargs with last update so only gargs so far but could be other summonings as well.
  11. 1) Nobody takes a master cape in a PK map unless ur acting silly. The real problem with magic in combat is that its slow to cast and u cannot switch to a different spell quickly. 2)its not very big but it is annoying u have to put the sigils in correct order a click on spell would be useful 3)So when u want to level up u take a spell 5-10 levels below u and just mind rest pots and no essences? Perhaps instead of multiple different essence use just 1 sort of essence which stacks like the ones we have now and each spell takes a different amount of it. <- Dont really like that idea personally 4)sure why not 5)hubbahubba 6)master cape for manu? i thought u wanted to see the economy improve too? I dont know exactly where but the master cape will change.
  12. 10 second's on pk maps

    Yeah stop camping! (Sounds familiar... Ow right Counter-Strike ..)
  13. Short term client goals

    I voted features.. I want to see the economy improve first with the nexuses and all after that there might be done some bug hunting, though I dont really have any serious problems atm with it.
  14. 2 more minor sit lock bugs

    If you right click it also moves
  15. "The Zeus"

    At least ur not suggesting another sword :S Lemme add a staff: Wizards Staff Base cost: 2100plat Raises Magic 5 Raises Summoning 5
  16. Some weird frozen summoning?

    Sativa asked that too and I was not. Also a few minutes later Samuraj had the same problem seeing one of my gargs froze which I could not see. I asked him to post a picture here too.
  17. 100 million giveaway!

    I think hell wait untill after the reset
  18. Client wishlist

    A more advanced map option might be a good idea when there are more maps and continents later
  19. Now hold on!

    still looking out for robes i want one which covers my head too like a monk or something
  20. I like this idea that way ppl might not go afk or somethign for too long
  21. They dont move around so when u summon too many u get stuck within side :S I cant kill them so I couldnt get out other by beaming myself out Also these are medium gargoyles? I used 3 essences of each and those appeared I thought these were large gargyles and not medium ones..?
  22. Summoning Gargs and prolly skellies

    Big ones and medium ones are still messed up and since the last update they dont move anymore either and I get locked up by my gargs again :lol:
  23. can some help me on enternal

    http://el.owns.it thats all u need
  24. New Items!!

    U want a bone? I think i still have 4000/5000 in storage from the time before the gargoyles were there to be summoned...
  25. Buying / Selling. Good prices !

    The market is updated! New good prices on potions!