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  1. if u give a second chance

    ty so muchh
  2. if u give a second chance

    i was went there first than i died there,i lost my items and i went back for take my deadbag but nobody has returned it, okey than i bagjumped some1 elses deadbag thats true...Now i know why im exatly banned and i appologize for my acting style about it.I hope i can have a second chance and get unbann on my acc
  3. if u give a second chance

    honestly , all i did was when no1 gave my dead bag , i theifed some1 else's bag. i think thats the reason? am i right?
  4. if u give a second chance

    hi,this is donqwed i been banned some time ago and i took my lesson from it.From now on i wanna play friendly and safely if u guys give me a second chance for it and unban my account donqwed,waiting for answer ,ty