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  1. if possible to unban

    Thx alot sir.
  2. if possible to unban

    I told him right away about the 3th person situation he will open his own forum acc. thx for info. From what he told me is, his deadbag been bagjumped on an event and he bag jumped some1 elses bag than he banned.After that he log in my account ( he told me that ,he had no idea its a reason to get ban, well also i didnt knew it). In that case i have learn my lesson about not sharing account information and im still asking ur forgiveness mr aislinn if it is possible.
  3. if possible to unban

    Hey there, im the player of DeathKnight which i havent log on for long.I have shared my account info with 1 or 2 person after i quit (not quite sure if 1 or 2 ^^).Anyway me and my friend Donqwed deicide to play EL again, but both our char's are banned.I dunno the reason of why my character get banned but if its forgiveable im going to ask ur forgiveness.Also my friend Donqwed(his english is even worst than mine thats why im posting for him as well) asking for unbann to his char if possible as well.peace