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  1. system resources usage

    Or buy 2 core cpu EL in single thread application, so it can use only 1 core. You got second core for all other stuff.
  2. Polska - Poland

    Co tu tak cicho? Spamerzy maja ferie or smth?
  3. Crafting discriminated?

    If you want a lilte crafting exp, make crafting quests. Either the one that Christopher gives you or crafting god.
  4. HM HI

    Trading PIKATCHU for 10 thermal serps, 100 COL's and 1k rostos
  5. Invisibility

    I like the idea, but i have 1 concern. How can guard bots protect their maps from invisible invadors?
  6. Options

    ^ || || sp4mmz0r !1111! EDIT: lol that was for scarr
  7. GM Family Reunion

    Here are pics ive taken
  8. It begins..............

    Anthro, time to come back to ur V avy
  9. GM Family Reunion

    Charn (GM of IRON) cant move I'll be his proxy, count me in
  10. It begins..............

    It's cuz they didnt let Czerkawski play
  11. It begins..............

  12. Worf (aka Bad Man)

    Both Anthro and Worf are Bharain's friends. In fact he thinks the same as you fsu These threads are just a way to protest
  13. Worf (aka Bad Man)

    lol Bha, u should charge a fee for these threads
  14. Anthropologist

    lol, lmao, lmfao, roflmao, roflmfao
  15. Anthropologist

    Anthro, u must be really bad dude. Just look how many ppl do all they can to keep that thread on the first position