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  1. Clients compiled from CVS (Rule 5)?[SOLVED]

    I think we're all quite safe there, my coding ability can fit quite nicely in a matchbox, without removing the matches I was just interested in trying to compile from CVS using Dev C++ on Doze, and having a sneak preview of the present state of development, interestingly enough EL compiles fine on my old 233Mhz Compaq lappy under win98se, but not under XP, i'll post more on these and other oddities in the programming forum though. Can some nice admin type mark this as solved, and thanks for the help
  2. Clients compiled from CVS (Rule 5)?[SOLVED]

    Thank you, the main reason for my enquiry was to make sure I could use the CVS client on the main servers, mostly for testing of the develoment client, and to report any bugs/problems that might show up. I generally try to keep up with the progress of client development as I dual-boot windows/linux and run EL on both, also my chosen linux distro requires me to compile the client anyway, I'll be sure to be careful to avoid any functions which may not be fully implemented as yet, or have been noted as potential problems.
  3. Do you like Diamonds?

    Y ou could always go round giving out dimonds at random, a'la Joker, hours of amusement, then once word got round, hide, and more hours of amusement as you realise everyone is out hunting for you. You could keep this up for months and still have enough diamonds for any conceivable purpose.
  4. I've looked for a specific definition of the above, but can't find one, are clients compiled from CVS considered 'legal' clients for connection to the main server? I'm assuming that the absence of a specific prohibition on using these means that the are allowed? I just thought i'd check before using my first client compiled from CVS, i'd hate to get banned for 'illegal client' use.
  5. Legal multi-character cheating

    Multi-character cheating exists, it's always been the bane of most MMORPG games, and it always will be unless someone comes up with a way to prevent multiple log-ons, either by multiple clients running on the same computer, or by using single clients on multiple computers. The single client approach would work for the first situation, where only one client is able to run in any single session, however this obviously won't prevent the second case. The single client per IP approach will prevent the other case, at the cost of preventing honest families from playing at the same time. The only way to prevent cheating in this way seems to be to withdraw the game from the majority of honest players who play as a family activity, this seems excessivly harsh for those of us who play these types of game honestly, and would only serve to alienate people looking for a free, open source, multi-platform MMORPG to enjoy in this way. In fact when I first started playing EL there was a policy of declaring multiple characters on the same IP, in order to show that more than one person was playing each character is obviously more difficult, which is why moderators learn to recognise patterns in styles and habits. I'd also like to know how on earth cheating can be described as 'legal', if it's legal it cannot be cheating, if it's cheating it cannot be legal. Finally, the game and it's rules make the framework of the society we play in, there will always be those who seek to gain advantage from any and all bugs and loopholes, it's up to the players to live by the rules, or face the consequences, every day I read through the forums, and every day there is a post in 'Bans', the mod team is obviously working hard, and catching cheaters. Rest assured, although people cheat, in the end they get caught.
  6. Old Characters? [SOLVED]

    This is indeed what has happened. During my absence Gaspode was overwritten by Gasp0de, I'm quite happy that Gasp0de got a name change, and that since the original Gaspode character was backed up I can continue to play this character under a new name, I was more worried about the remote possibility that I'd been hacked, and am glad this was not the case. The account transfer has been completed, and now i'll be continuing to play as 'Cerebus'. Thanks to an excellent Admin team things are now settled, to everyones satisfaction I hope, and I look forward to continuing to play EL. I think it's quite right that old inactive accounts are 'reused' this way, if you don't use it, you lose it. Finally I would like to thank those concerned, this matter can now be treated as [solved] So if some kind Mod can lock this and we can all get back to 'normal'
  7. Old Characters? [SOLVED]

    Thanks Learner, Aislinn was kind enough to look into it for me, and found much the same thing, apparently my IP last logged in august 2006, followed by a long break, then another IP logged in on 30 June, and I assume changed the pass. I haven't shared my pass with anyone, and am frankly at a loss to explain this incident. I have contacted Entropy and told him about it, however it's probably best if I just give up gaspode, since he has been altered by his 'kidnapper', it'd be like wearing another person's underwear, i'll just play with cerebus instead. I have reviewed my own security and can find no issues on my computer setup, also I recently carried out a fresh install after finally upgrading my computer enough to be able to get back to EL. I'd like to thank the Admins for their kind and curteous help in this matter, unfortunatly until there is a password recovery system in place there is no way for users to recover lost or stolen accounts, or to prove that we didn't give them away. I'd like to mark this topic as 'Solved', however that implies a satisfactory conclusion, i'll merely leave it to disappear on it's own.
  8. How old are you?

    I've played many games online, in general the reaction to my age is usually along the lines of ' huh? aren't you to old to play games?', i'm happy to see i'm neither to young, nor too old to be in EL, but as in real life, all types, shapes, shades, and ages are represented here. Oh and i'm 46, and proud to be a player of games.
  9. Old Characters? [SOLVED]

    Thanks for that, poor old gaspode, stuck in limbo, until i sort out my password issues, I don't remember being that high in summoning, although it has been a year Thanks for the other info as well, i'll pursue that line of enquiry, I think my question as to policy has been answered
  10. Old Characters? [SOLVED]

    I been away for quite some time until I could manage to get my old and ailing computer back up to a standard where I could run EL again. So it's been rather a long time since I logged in as 'gaspode', I thought I knew the password, however to my sadness it didn't work, so I went through the usual alternates, none of those worked either. Now i'm a creature of habit in some things, and only use 6 or 7 passwords for games. Now i'm wondering if there is a policy to 'lock' characters after a certain period of inactivity? I've noticed the policy on not getting people's passwords for them, and agree with it, until there is a system in place then it's up to us users to remember our passes. However if it's possible i'd kinda like to get back to playing with 'gaspode', although if it's the case i've actually 'forgotten' my password then i'll just continue playing 'cerebus' anyway.