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  1. Remove PP buying

    Once removable nexii were introduced, I came up with the suggestion but it was just ignored. My idea was very simple (albeit requiring slightly more disk space, that's why Entropy is gonna hate it anyway). Just introduce 2 variables for each nexus, lets take an example with human nexus. You have two variables, human nexus from wraith (H1) and human nexus total (H), including the advances with hydrogen bars. So if you have a fresh char, you obviously have H = 0, H1 = 0. If you earn some pickpoints and take nexus, your both values grow, H = 3, H1 = 3 lets say. If you save for some hydro bars and buy human nexus, your nexus grows, but H1 doesn't, H = 4, H1 = 3, for instance. So once you use a removal stone, both values are decreased, and you get 1 pickpoint. H = 3, H1 = 2 in our case. But you can't use removal stones if your H1 = 0, i.e. no taken nexii, only bought ones. So you cannot buy pickpoints any longer. I play very rarely nowadays (logged in yesterday after a few months), so it is maybe not that important for me though, but if outstanding game issues like this are fixed, I think some old players may come back or at least appear more often
  2. Firstly, a kind of disclaimer, I have taken some breaks from the game and my recent appearances might not be enough to understand the current situation. But from what I understand, Entropy likes the idea that items would be very important in PK, maybe even more important than levels unless the difference is extremely high. Correct me if I'm wrong on this of course. Obviously, in this scenario you either need to use very expensive items, or lose to others who use those items. The obvious downside is that cost of PK becomes unbearably high, and as a result PK is unpopular. In this case the game would need more attractions to PK, like the hydrogen system was a step in this direction. By the way, I think the game needs more PK spots that give benefit in any case, unless we want the game to be mostly peaceful (which might appeal to some people though ). For instance, I have seen an idea about depletable resources, so resources in PK could be not depletable etc. So back to the topic of the PK cost, it is not necessarily a bad thing. The possible advantages are that theoretically more people can PK, if they are rich from other skills, $hop, or they can manufacture good gear themselves, they can enter PK and be competitive with A/D only at moderate levels. Same for the accuracy and evasion, potioners who can make lots of these and drink them all of the time, can be more competitive. Well, at least in theory Personally I prefer the system where levels/attributes/strategy would matter most. If we go in this direction, I think crowns of life/mana should be removed, since they make a player many times stronger, so they are almost a must in PK, while being not that cheap. So everyone must use a rostogol stone to protect them (and other even more expensive stuff), and everyone is afraid to die. Of course players can go to no-drop PK maps (even KF is now), but then you don't gain any material benefit from killing. Sure, some people fight for honour, points or just fun, but any kind of material benefit from PK would attract much more fighters I think. Because now it is very expensive fun. So, since I don't like where the game is heading, I play very rarely. But I'm not claiming that it's becoming shit, it just takes the direction that is not my favourite.
  3. When I was playing EL more than now, in our guild we used to do like this; generally you are encouraged to return the bag, but it's fine to keep if you have something against the person who died. I returned some DBs to PK enemies if they were just honourable enemies though. In any case, the poll options could be somewhat more precise. I selected "No" because it's closest to my opinion
  4. I patched it like this and it works, but yes it must be a driver bug. void take_snapshot (int width, int height) { int bg_width = 1024; int bg_height = 512; glGenTextures (1, &loading_texture); glBindTexture (GL_TEXTURE_2D, loading_texture); glTexParameteri(GL_TEXTURE_2D, GL_TEXTURE_MAG_FILTER, GL_LINEAR); glTexParameteri(GL_TEXTURE_2D, GL_TEXTURE_MIN_FILTER, GL_LINEAR); // texture sizes need to be powers of 2 while (bg_width < width) bg_width *= 2; while (bg_height < height) bg_height *= 2; glTexImage2D (GL_TEXTURE_2D, 0, GL_RGBA, bg_width, bg_height, 0, GL_RGBA, GL_BYTE, NULL); /* In GL version 1.1 or greater, pixels may be a null pointer. In this case texture memory is allocated to accommodate a texture of width width and height height. You can then download subtextures to initialize this texture memory. */ glReadBuffer (GL_BACK); // Reading from FRONT buffer is buggy atm, at least under DRI2+composited environment glCopyTexImage2D (GL_TEXTURE_2D, 0, GL_RGBA, 0, 0, bg_width, bg_height, 0); frac_x = ((float) width) / bg_width; frac_y = ((float) height) / bg_height; delete_texture = 1; } This kind of patch should be more or less harmless on other video cards too, so maybe Paul you could patch your packages like this? Or create a separate package eternal-lands-intel or something like that, would be helpful for some people...
  5. newhope

    I'm not playing these months but that was pro job I can see
  6. Need advice!

    #reset is always refreshing, come on
  7. me again yapp.

    I have no intention to buy/sell chars, but I think it would also help to clarify, how about telling that in local chat... On Isla Prima? Near storages? Just crowded places? Remote places? PK maps? is that considered public or private?
  8. The moon is turning red....

    I got owned twice so I'm kinda annoyed
  9. 800x480 resolution for eeepc

    Some extra parameters that override if present, lets say customhres and customvres. If found and both > 0, this resolution is available as 'custom' from menu
  10. 800x480 resolution for eeepc

    couldn't there be an option for any X/Y resolution in config files? IIRC you pass plain numbers to SDL anyway
  11. Poisoned Arrows

    Poisoned arrows were used a lot throughout the history in various places, I think it's a good idea
  12. Magical weapon

    You say uranium harvesting and big nuke?
  13. Standardised web address for bots

    it would be nice to have online price aggregator, like Rraisa does so that we can compare bot prices
  14. MrDeKke

    Good points Tempest, even if one is caught bagjumping it is always possible to speculate that you have just walked on the bag and someone invisible bagjumped it fast unless someone with TS was doing hi-res screencast. It is always some small chance of uncertainty, but we warn others based on what we believe. Personally I have no doubt Dekke did this, he's an ugly player. Anyway be careful when Dekke is around, even if he is innocent this time he has proved you should be careful of him many times before.
  15. Reptile Blood

    They could eat dung too lol