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    EL,GD,Em,Revaltionist's,Politics,war,FMA,bOOn,FG,I am 2 difrent people.El/Rl 2/Difrent/People.
  1. Red VS Blue! (Halrious)

    Bite me
  2. The Noob Comic..

    Acutally i looked this time, this one was never posted before >.>.
  3. Red VS Blue! (Halrious)

    Red VS Blue Rooster Teeth Pruductions... Ok this was posted before but only asked if anyone watced it, Well Peoples i present unto you (for thoos who misrably havent heard of it) The best damn web series on the net! Red Vs Blue. heres a 4 Minute Intro on the characters.. http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=17...blue+episode+00 heres the episode that made me Fall In Love With The Seires. http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-6...blue+episode+58 For All Thoos Who Wondered Bow Chicka Bow Wow Was And Here's where you can watch seasons(the entire series) 1-4 Right now http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=56...+vs+blue+season Guy's REALLY It truly will be the BEST thing you will ever watch. Its intresting plus halrious as...i cant describe how funny it is! you MUST see it if you havent already!! RVB nerd and proud of it, Halrious as hell!! better than crack! You gotta love em, Tucker-The perv. Church-The asshole leader. Simmons- The kiss ass. Grif- The Lazy ass. Tex- The total controling ebual ass kicking bitch. Dougnut- The Guy in the pink armur....that's really all what i want to say about him "No for the last time doughnut i dont want to know what the secret indgredant is" Caboose- Our "Embasador" (MICHALE J CABOOSE) The moron. And finaly, Sarge- The Grif hating, Scruf, Other Asshole Leader, With cornyness >.>. Someone for everyone! Rvb Power Go!
  4. The Noob Comic..

    It may have beenposted before, and im sure a few of you have heard of it but here, The Noob Comic! Best Damn thing ive ever read, For die hard newbs like me! ^_^ I wub Dis Comic! halrious.. http://www.thenoobcomic.com/daily/strip003.html Enjoy P.s. It's so Real with what mmorpg's are like too ^^ For Instance: http://www.thenoobcomic.com/daily/strip072.html Pks.... -_-

    omfg Roflmao!
  6. Newbism

    Ahh I like this... Well i do belive there is two types of new players as stated before: 1.Thoos who are in need of help and willing to learn 2. the 100% Degaritation- Beging,Whining,Rude,Yelling, Cursing, Kicking,Trading,Screaming,and I say again Beging new player whom wants nothing but items for himself and no help and everything done for him. #2 Has become the most common new player. ---- But what people dont realize is that we have crafted the #2 New player, by rejecting alot of the #1 new players, thus creating a hostile enviroment in which they result to becoming a #2 New player, So we should stop being such jerks to booth of the kinds, if we deal with #2's As kindly as we do #1's then they will most likely result back to #1. If shown kindness, they inturn result to kindness. but some need an additonal boost thus for enter's the ole' phrase "Treat Others the way you wish to be treated" you all know you've hear that before but do we listen to it? If we did, then there wouldnt be many #2 New players. That Is my simple conclusion as i retired Extreme Newbie helper i used to run out my storage to help the new players with advice and items. maybe a few people even remember a LikeToHelp Character yup that was me. But it became a huge hassle, as keeping that phrase in mind may be, So dose this make me a hypocrit not really, im just takin a vacation lately, and ive' been rather a ass to some new players and others myself dont get me wrong, ill be honest with you, Im one hell of a smartass. But, I still try to lend a helping hand from time to time in memory of thoos who helped me while i was young in this world i was never the begin type, but I received so much help least i could do and so can everyone else is "treat Others the way you were treated" Simple Eh? Then do it! -Mid
  7. Silliest thing you did ingame ? :)

    Oh please, Dont Even Get Me started. I'll end Up making everyone else look like Gorge Bush Albert Einstien.. I might come back to this and make a huge monkey out of myself later, to tired now...
  8. Erm..Votd storage randomness???

  9. Erm..Votd storage randomness???

    ok...well i was at votd storage and i looked over my chatlog when i came back from afk...and i found this.. I dunno I just found that funny as hell for some reason...
  10. Selling ISOF

    hello, Im selling a iron sword of fire for 23,000gc PM me in game, Or Leave a message here, thanks.. -Mid
  11. Muppets Lotto Continues!

    Ok Then you want to play letz plizzay! Put mid down for Nine more tickets shizw00t all or nothin m8's I can pay back my loan if i win now! (I'll even it up to 100k Total Main pot, If It isnt that far by 11PM 2Night)
  12. Found a mysterious stone

    Sounds cool,witty,fresh and orginal.....should get flamed by a outragous yet reasonable explanation in no time flat heheheh But no I like it alot gl with it.. -Mid
  13. The War On Terrorism

    In this time of war, we are grateful that our leader is isnt the son of a powerful politicican, from a wealthy oil company, who is suppourted by FALSE religous fundementalitys, Is asscioated with cladstine organisations, Has NO respect for the Electrical prossecs,Bombs civilians, and uses War to deny people of their civil rights. Im Smarter than your average........ -Mid
  14. Preliminary info about the new swords

    ... 2 words TEH SHIZNIGHT! -Mid
  15. Muppets Lotto Continues!

    kewl put mid down for 3tickets...