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Official Custom Clothes

Requirements - Read before you buy:
  • 1. Clothing must be in the medieval theme, tasteful, and of high quality.
  • 2. Any skin showing must be natural, tasteful, and respectable.
  • 3. Poor quality will not be accepted.
  • 4. No logos, copyrighted stuff, or other people's artwork. Using EL artwork is allowed, as long as it's tasteful and not meant in any disrespectful way.
  • 5. Combat items (armor, weapons, combat-centric capes) must be easily recognizable.
  • 6. Requests will be subject to approval. Remember, this will be "official".

How to use:
Custom Clothing can be enabled by going to Options->Server and checking both "Custom Looks Updates" AND "Show Custom Clothing". You may have to restart the game to view it for the first time. You do not have to purchase custom items to see them on other people.

Formats required to submit:
Image needs to be saved as .tga 24 bit if the image has no alpha.
Image needs to be saved as .tga 32 bit if it has alpha.
Send your files and any questions to: aisy_el (at) yahoo (dot) com

Please ask any questions to Aislinn in game, or forum pm. Aislinn is in charge of Custom Clothing here-nobody else. You can also send her an email at: aisy_el (at) yahoo (dot) com

The price for each custom item is $10.00 USD. If you get a name change and want to carry your custom items over, it is $5.00 USD.

Only use the paypal link below on this specific page for custom clothes!
Custom Clothes
List character(s) and item(s)