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The Ghost Ship

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possible new Giws
gwis message: A ghost ship has appeared

A ghost ship either appears at a dock or a current ship is used as the ghost ship, maybe this is now more washed out in colour / translucent like the phantom warriors are.

A player or players enter the ghost ship by clicking on its now pirate flag or other ghost related flag, as its an invasion maybe no change to the original boat is needed, as this would make coding a lot easier and the hunt to find the ghost ship a bit harder, and it will just be one of those things while the ghost ship invasion is on if you don't want to get caught out you don't risk getting on a ship for the short duration

Once you enter the relevant ship you get teleported to a ghost island with ghost mobs on it, this would be what ever makes it easiest for the team (developer ) to code eg maybe regular invasion mobs but ones not already / often used, not sure if just making a mob translucent is an easy process etc
The ghost island could be a current map unused in regular game play or what ever the developer decides in way of isolation

Main point is the entrant system would be run around to try and find the loc of the ship then its up to players to announce or try to kill as many as they can for themselves as is the current status of map giws,

Once the invasion is either over by kill or time the player on the island get teled back to ip or where ever the ghost ship was docked

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