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Top Player list update: Jack of All Trades and The 179ers Club

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The Top Players page has been updated.


* New: "Jack of All Trades"


Where the Overall list once was, is now a list called Jack of All Trades (JoAT). This list recognizes those players that take the time to consistently work on their lowest skills.


How it works: Your skills get ordered from lowest to highest. Your JoAT level is based on your 6 lowest skills, regardless of which skills those are. Your 6 highest skills are irrelevant.


Example (not anyone's actual levels):
att: 160
def: 162
mag:  87
har: 102
man:  46*
alc:  87
pot:  35*
sum:  48
cra:  32*
eng:  27*
tai:   0*
ran:   0*


The 6 lowest numbers from the skills (marked with asterisk) are grabbed.


0 0 27 32 35 46 are the 6 lowest skills ordered from lowest to highest.


Each number gets multiplied by an undisclosed value. Each of the 6 gets multiplied by undisclosed values. The lowest skill gets multiplied by the highest value, the highest of the six by the lowest value.

(0 times anything is 0, so the most important skills in this example, tailor and ranging, are not providing any value.)


In this example, getting 1 level in tailoring or ranging can increase the JoAT value by MUCH more than getting 1 level in manufacturing, though leveling any of the 6 lowest will contribute to the value.


"What's the difference between Jack of All Trades and All-Rounder?"

All-Rounder is based on the total sum of levels in all 12 skills, with no weighting on any skill, so a level in the lowest skill has the same value as a level in the highest. It's technically not a good name for the list since having very high levels in a few skills can nullify not leveling some skills.

JoAT focuses solely on the lowest half of your skills, observing only how high your lowest skills are. This better shows someone who really is working on every skill, an actual Jack of All Trades.

(The lists have some similarities since there's more than a few long time players who have worked on every skill, but it differentiates even among those, and varies even more as the ranks get lower.)



* Change to Overall List

With so many players now at the max 179, the Overall top list became pointless. It's been changed to show "The 179ers Club" with all the players who have reached 179.


I'll include a top list for those 178 or less shortly, I'm still working on that part. For now only the 179ers are showing.

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hmm, when you leave 180 days , you can still see for example Ambrosius as top player altho his character is fresh, so i guess the site counts with his old stats

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Fixed... it's a general issue I haven't been able to deal with yet. I don't have access to name changes so unless the new account made with the old name (the "new" Ambrosius) logs on long enough to be recognized as logged on (5 minutes) it won't check stats to update.


I have plans for a workaround but it'll take a bit to figure out without overly burdening the web server.

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The "All-Rounder" list has been renamed to "All Skills Total" as that is what it actually is. Better differentiation from JoaT as well.


It's the same list, only the name is changed.


An explanation of what each list covers is also given above the 4 lists for Combat, Non-Combat, All Skills Total, and JackOfAllTrades.

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