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Customs not working or downloading on new install/new character

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I noticed on a new alt character I made on an Ubuntu laptop (not what I run Aislinn on), I couldn't see any customs.  I noticed there were no custom_clothes.zip or unofficial_custom_clothes.zip files in .elc folder so I tried #update and #update_status and got this error message:


[00:41:40] EL custom updates: Can't get update list file 'custom_files.lst' from server 'www.eternal-lands.com' using path 'http://www.eternal-lands.com/updates/', error 301.

In Aislinn's .elc directory she has a custom_mirrors.lst file but not a custom_files.lst.  (Aislinn's customs work fine, old install from forever ago.)


In the new install on the laptop, if I change the supplied custom_mirrors.lst file contents from www.eternal-lands.com to www2.gm.fh-koeln.de, I get the unofficial downloads fine when I do #update.  But still get the above error message for the official customs.


Any ideas?

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Checking that 301 error code(wikipedia) suggests that it might be related to the switch to https of the official server.

If I understand that page correctly, the client should change the URL to the new one provided by the error reply.

From what I see in the code, the download is aborted on anything but a "200" reply (update.c and new_update.c).

Perhaps a retry with "https" instead of "http" when receiving the 301 error would fix the issue (just replacing the "http"

with "https" in the initial attempt would likely break the unofficial updates, which may or may not important).

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Getting the same 301 error. I'm on Windows and not sure if I have the option to switch from http to https when making the update request :(

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You can't, the protocol is hardcoded in the source code (file `update.c`).

The only option I can see would be to figure out the correct URL and download the file outside of the client, then put it in the correct place.

I tried, but didn't manage (got '404' errors, so wrong URLs; or, of course, that file doesn't exist any longer...)

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The correct URL is the same, but with https instead of http. This is definitely something that would need to be fixed in the client. Unless the website maintainer can set things so secure protocol is unnecessary for the /updates directory, at least until a new client is released.




To do it by hand, seems you'd have to create a custom_clothes.zip that contains all the files listed in the custom_files.lst linked above.


The files are downloaded like so. Files are listed like this:

MD5(custom/guild/1313818956/meshes/cape1_green.dds.xz)= 03f68f49924b1d9b017c16d8ef950c7c

Place the text in parentheses after https://www.eternal-lands.com/updates/ like so:




The innards of the custom_clothes.zip would have to appear like this:




The zip file then gets placed in your personal settings and logs folder... when you first log in to the game you get a line like this:

[15:58:46] Your personal settings and logs will be saved in /home/flame/.elc/main/

Remove the /main/ (or other server name), and put the custom_clothes.zip in that location.




I may be able to do an automated setup that creates the zip file, and can be downloaded from my website. If nothing else can be determined before a new release happens.

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Mihaim fixed this server side.  They will download/update again.  Thank you Burn and Mihai!

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