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EL freezes then crashes after client update.

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Vass_71 here.

The game recently became unplayable for me because whenever I log in, play for a few minutes, then the game freezes, then the window becomes not responding. No matter how long I wait it doesn't get resolved by itself and if I click then it gives me the option to close the application.


This has never happened before on any of my computers/laptops. It only started occurring after the client update (1.9.6.p1).  


I am using the 64-bit installer from the Eternal Lands official website. 


Please help because I just wanted to return to the game but this inconvenience came up...


Kind regards,


not responding2.JPG

after click.JPG

not responding.JPG

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Nice screen shots, but what OS (including version) are you using?

And of course the classic question: do you have the latest drivers for your video card?

(the drivers coming with the OS are often outdated)

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I think I found the cause of the problem, EL decided to use my integrated GPU instead of NVIDIA for some reason, now I switched, will test how it goes.

If everything goes well I will comment here and close topic.

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