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Return of EL unofficial NEWS!

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Eternal Land News reporter Ace Jackson back from a long vacation reporting.


First a word from our sponsor:


I needs a new sponsor!!!


What started out as a simple bet has spread into pure mayhem. All across these eternal lands bar fights have been breaking out. I have it on good authority that the west side Brownie gang bet the east side Brownie gang that they couldn’t steal a bottle of hooch from the IP tavern. Reca caught the little miscreants in the very act. Knocking the bottle from the brownie’s hand, she threw it at them. The bottle smashed against the wall. The east side looking for an excuse to take out pent up aggression, attacked the west side. On the mainland at the Lakeside tavern, Garg the gargoyle was relaxing after a long hard night of killing unsuspecting n00bs at the WS sto. When suddenly an UG hobgoblin burst in yelling bar fight. Garg threw his mug at the hobgoblin and the fight was on. In TG the cave orc pair had been hoping for a little orclet and it finally happened. They were holding a baby shower at the tavern with all their friends when a group of gargoyles from the other cave decided to crash the party. A giant in Theli caught the news from a passing hawk. He promptly went to the bar. The band New Feros under the block was playing. Wanting to dance the giant ripped the roof off to get inside. Folks, the events I relay to you next were too terrible to behold. Once inside the bar the giant began twerking. I kid you not, he was twerking. Feros were thrown against the walls and into each other. A group of Leg orcs on an outing from NRM. were thrown down. They shoved back at the feros causing the fight to begin. Word quickly spread through the Monsters Lives Matter Network that the bars were not treating their brethren fairly. Protests were sent to the various taverns. From tavern to tavern, map to map, fights erupted. A great call was issued forth for the civilian defense force. Stay tuned for an update…

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