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Character duplication after creation (Visual only)

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Today, I made my daughter a character and let her explore IP.

Shortly later, I walked by to check on her, and I noticed a copy of her character standing at the beam, while she was near the docks. (I don't believe characters render that far, which is also odd)


Here is a screenshot of the duplicate far away: https://ibb.co/F3LxG21


I walked to the duplicate character to investigate: https://ibb.co/wpk0pHM


When I "looked" at the duplicate, it said "You see: Nickle", but with my daughter's character image and name: https://ibb.co/CbpfxnG


As far as I know, she never left IP, or entered any buildings. She was alone maybe 3-5 minutes.

I am not sure if the bug persists after a relog or map change, as the character who was a duplicate was gone completely from their location when I did relog to check.


I would of posted screenshots inside the post itself but they were corrupted when I tried, all images are corrupted on this site at the moment for me it seems.


This is all I know.

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