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Expiring bots

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I kept forgetting to do it, so some bots expired one year ago and were not locked. Please send one (or two) payments to avoid getting your bot locked. The bots from January and February of 2020 must send two payments.


I will lock them at the end of the month if no payment is received.


Here is the list:


Bomb_Shop, Greypal
windu, lanfeust
Karlin, the_piper
iceicebaby, icevodka
Bestest, StouXy
BlackPanter, TSC


Storedragon, Greypal
Shrek, smurf
Zirah, Zamirah
Leetah, Miscka
cypher, Morpheus

TonyStark, Nazeer
Belur, Rauch
Bunny_MorBob, Morpheus
Princess_Legend, Lokey
Volsung, Gorilla

Hollowman, Xylo
idle, carone
busy, carone
BattleBot, JoAn
knurd, paneologist
KetChup, ManiaX
FunguS, ManiaX

Zartob, katakil
winterstar, raz
_angel_, Starlite
Sallos, DarkDiablo
Pieszczoch, Avalanche
takamura, dragon_killer
Pandahug, TSC
KickAss, ElG3neral

Sqye, karma
Bliss, Cherut
ZeBusceta,  Tiriricones

Puppy,  Biker_Boy
WiseDwarF, Cassius
Krosis, Wizzy

Shrimp - Osirus
Amethyst, Starlite
vulcano, ppaulosantos

Gemini, Aislinn
freia, Zamirah
Living, Kingpin

BraT, Halosmee

Mary, Cherut

Beaver, Dendar
zabadee, Wloczykij
tutanchamon, rick

weaselturd, looter
hydrotrader, looter
Gnomercy, Wo0deh

hulkman, Starkie
Auriana, jade


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I payed my bot last year according to me its paid up until 10th may 2022  I wondered why it showed no transactions on the log, then I looked here and saw it was down as not paid.  Here is the transaction copied this of my bank statement. Looks like I forgot to add its for _angel_


Transaction ID

Transaction date
11/05/2021 13:02:37 GMT+10:00


Eternal Lands Development Team

Instructions to seller
You haven't entered any instructions.

Edited by Starlite

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Paid for Kickass, conf #9CV03418WJ607921J.  If my records are correct he should be up to date.





Edited by momr58

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Leeuwarden paid to StouXy because the bot was paid for to Radu. It is a bot transfer while not behind on payment.

Transaction ID
Payment made on January 5, 2022
Edited by TirunCollimdus

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Wayne_Kerr payment 

Receipt number: 60E39611FH279683V (9th of March 2023)

Edited by dabrat

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Armada payment:

Receipt number: 04R50570GR5816602 (26th March 2023)

Additional payment:

Receipt number: 8FM39277678592711 (27th March 2023)

Edited by Daroh

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