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Fyi, all three of you (you, djx, elmon) were booted for the exact same thing.

It was explained to you in PM why you got the mute as well, you wouldn't stop yammering...


Logging in another character to continue falls under rule 4, and you got a rule screen for that (NOT a boot)

Though the logging off of that character a few seconds after the #or got it a lock

(for now, I'd say 3 days, any more complaining will make me forget about the character).


for the record:

[10:12:50] [Vio @ 3]: stay on topic ty
[10:12:59] [DJX @ 3]: stfu
[10:13:09] [Vio @ 3]: make me?
[10:13:20] [DJX @ 3]: stay on topic
[10:13:35] [Vio @ 3]: stfu 
[10:13:42] [DJX @ 3]: make me
[10:14:24] [elmon @ 3]: stfu vio
[10:14:27] [JofuranShigokai @ 3]: you'd both be muted if i was a mod :)  Selling daritha/minel/luxin daily items, and ti axe, iron plate, dragonblade          Buying titan bars & s2e's & gr
[10:14:56] #Abuse report from Vio: elmon

EDIT: OK, so Violater decided to remove his text. No matter, the three days stand, as far as I'm concerned, as that issue was not related to his post above

Edited by revi
Violater removing his text...

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