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Guest Aexodus

Recover EL character

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Guest Aexodus

Hi, I see this question has been asked before so apologies if this is redundant.

I'd like to recover the password to my very old account, but can't PM Entropy or Radu in game, and my login for this forum has not been approved so I am not seeing PM options here.


Anyway, the characters name is Aexodus, http://www.eternal-lands.com/view_user.php?user=Aexodus I recall all these stats as being right so I'm certain it's me.

It's a little hard to prove that it was my account, but I haven't been on for probably 13 years (best guess). I was Draegoni for the length of one subscription (1 year)? had focused on A/D and Harvesting but was getting into new skills so most of them are low.. I created the account Dobbins a few months ago because I could remember my old password, but I'd like to get back on Aexodus.


I also recognize the $5 fee..

Any help appreciated.




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3 hours ago, Guest Aexodus said:

my login for this forum has not been approved

That's probably because you never asked for validation in the validation thread here


There's  an email address on the shop page you might try. Make sure you have some info about

the character,  not publicly known, to show it is yours.


Oh, and do not give any information that show you are the owner in a public message :P

just to be on the safe side (e.g. the Draegoni info isn't something a random player would know)

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Guest Aexodus

Thank you, I don't see an email address but posted with the name of the char I want to recover.

It's nice of you all to take the time to help recover rather than an automated system..


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