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Fall Foliage in New Hampshire

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We took a trip up to New Hampshire last week to get some footage of the beautiful fall foliage.  Not sure how many players here live in the area but seeing this was amazing.  I wanted to share my footage.



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27 minutes ago, Aislinn said:

Lovely!  Where were you?  I'm up in the fringe of Lakes Region by the Maine border.


We traveled from South Coast Massachusetts and headed north towards Lake Winnpesaukee.  I have 5 batteries for the drone so we made 3 stops on the way to the lake in New Hampshire to get some of the shots and then our final stop was at the Scenic Vista to the east of the lake.  Very beautiful spot.

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2 hours ago, Aislinn said:

So you ended up really close to me!  I love it here!  Thank you so much for sharing that.  :) 


I would love it there also.  Place is amazing!  I'm happy that you enjoyed it.  I've been excited since the day I got my drone to go film there.  Was just waiting for the peak.  The foliage website told me the 10th was the peak but I think it was an early call.  Either way, I loved the footage that I got.  That scenic vista was majestic.

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