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I am going to write a tool which is able to inform me about the current ingame day (special day or not). What I did is, I just grep the information from the Mercator website. But the problem is, on Mercator only the last known special day is displayed independent of if this day is already over. Is there any better source in the net where I could grep the actual special day status from the web?




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That link has all special days that mercator records sometimes there are repeats if mercator gets restarted on a special day or grues during it etc

https://holy-eternalland.de/eldata.php Is the source for actual day time setup in a json format so good to be read on mashines


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1 hour ago, ShYne said:

Do you have an API reference guide for this?


Most of the API pertains to my own personal tradebot and guild info.

The 2 above are really the only ones that would be of interest to the wider EL community.

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On 10/4/2021 at 2:28 PM, Aislinn said:

Why not just click the "S" on the HUD on your client?

I want to build a small raspberry pi based device with fetches the information from the net and informs about the special day status while offline or maybe a cron based reminder which tell me that is a good time  to log in to el ;) This is more convenient.

Furthermore when starting the el client I am triggering a text to speech engine reading the current day info. In the case of bad days like acid rain I am informed in advance before logging in into a desaster. This can be done by just checking the website but I am too lazy for things like that.


BTW: Thank you for all hints!

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