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Is this a bug???

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Posted here cos not sure if problem is my laptop or bug

prpbly 6 + times my screen goes completley blank.....after maybe 5-10 seconds game comes back,,,character can walk but nothing else ...cant attack ...diss...cast spells etc

last time while in Ice,,message was ***cant attack in non combat map****.......this has happened twice both times losing rosto......anyone else had this problem???


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There's issues for some people where the screen goes black for a bit on heavy particles like magic occuring, but this sounds much more extreme, and you're the only one who seems to be experiencing it.


Sounds like your laptop, or at least some settings specific to your laptop's configuration. Bluap or whoever can determine that better will probably need the same info he asks for in the heavy particles thread.

Also, test going to Poor Man setting and see if that works (and if so, slowly add improved options until you see it happen again).

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