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New special mob - Mimic!


Spawns on any map at random as: Rabbit (Mimic). Has the stats of a rabbit. If interacts with another creature (meaning gets within a certain distance), turns into that creature + (Mimic) and adopts that creature's stats. Teleports every so often to new random map/location. Has a short cooldown on changing mimicked target for when multiple things are nearby.


Drop table is the same as mimicked creature but multiplied by 10. (10 bones + 10 brown rabbit furs + 10 meat + 10x any extra thing a rabbit can drop when mimicking a rabbit!)


Cannot mimic invasion mobs (sorry).

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I imagined it as only being able to mimic natural creatures/monsters and not players (or bots or NPCs or invasion mobs as mentioned). If, however, Radu wants to code it to mimic players (or any other actor) too, then by all means please do!

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