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Anyone wanna help me plan?

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I want to be a jack of all trades, be able to combat and craft. Technically, loooooong term, you can get all stats to 52 with a lot of grinding. From what I hear at least. (179 from overall level and then 50 hydro bars or 1.5m gold per point after)


My character name is Raserei.      (http://www.eternal-lands.com/view_user.php?user=Raserei)


Based on assumptions, Im gonna say being a jack of all trades is a fine balance between combat and nexus while leveling. Too much in one will make you weak in the other, moreso combat (since nexus only needs 5-7 points to "max")


I have 6 unspent pickpoints and my stats are linked above. It would help me out a lot if I saw some more experienced players views on how to spend the next 20-40 points?  



Also, maybe some XP spots for combat? Crafting is pretty straightforward, you make items, you get xp. But combat, spawns are very scattered, maybe there are some known early level combat spots to get better xp? I been killing mainly rats/beavers/brownies for gold (token selling) but the XP from them is bad.


Thanks in advance and hope you are all staying safe during this pandemic.

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First and foremost, welcome to the game! It is always great to see new/returning players in Eternal Lands :P Nevertheless, I would suggest attribute wise to max your physique and coordination. Being an all arounder will require you to have tons of carry capacity for harvesting, mixing, and just plain ole carrying items. These two attributes will also help greatly in combat, but adding too much physique/coordination in the beginning can cause you to kill your supposed training mobs by killing them too quickly; so try to be wary of that. For the most xp, it is always best to train with fist/bone/low lvl sword. The next attribute I would focus on is Will, this attribute will not only allow you to read faster (for the tonsss of books you will need to be a "Jack"), but you will also get additional HP and rationality. In my opinion, for an all arounder Will is quite important as it allows you to get +additional xp in any skill you may be training that day :rolleyes: At the beginning, these 3 attributes are what I would focus on mainly to give you a smooth start to start your journey. To answer your question as to what to kill xp-wise, I would suggest whacking a few deer, until you are able to kill wolves, then grab your better gear & head to the goblin cave in VOTD.



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[  raserei  is not online. raserei was last seen online 19 Days 17 Hours 11 Minutes 16 Seconds  ago]


Never fails.

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