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Instance mode adjustment

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When I fight in an invasion I like to turn on instance mode. It raises my banner up above the names of the monsters.  I have health numbers on, but I also will turn on health bars, ether bars and ether numbers and banner background.  I looked in options and didn't see anything like what I am asking.


Could instance mod be adjusted to have sub categories?  So by selecting instance mode it would turn on or off the things I have preset. it would look something like this.


* Instance mode

  • Show names
  • Show Health numbers
  • Show health bars
  • Show Ether numbers
  • Show Ether bars
  • Banner background

So you could turn on or off any or all of these options.


I know you are busy so there is no rush.

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Your personal stats show the same information whether or not you're in instance mode, but you can change the height of the display.

Currently, you can't change what is displayed just by activating instance mode. But perhaps you could do something with user menus or aliases?


For completeness, in "Settings->HUD" you can change display of

- names

- health bar

- health numbers

- background

for creatures and other players, independantly,

in addition, you can show the HP on damage for other players.

Ether/mana bars have never been visible for other players/creatures before, and that information is not currently available to the client, afaik

(nothing in the server protocol provides for it).


If there's anything I missed, please specify :P


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Yeah, I was looking for a 1 button click all adjustment.  so I could just click instance mode and all those settings would be changed in 1 click


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Or what might work without major changes is ability to save several types of settings and switch between them like we do for mixing and pick lists (hopefully without the random failure like pick lists).

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You could use the user menus as revi suggested.  Its two clicks but OK perhaps.  Here's an example file I called banner.menu, and placed in my main config directory.  You can right click the user menus to reload the latest menu files without restarting the client so its easy to experiment.  There is a built in delay of 500 ms between commands that can be change but that is the minimum currently.

Creature +N -Hn +Hb -B||%im_creature_view_names=1||%im_creature_view_hp=0||%im_creature_view_hp_bar=1||%im_creature_banner_bg=0
Creature -N +Hn -Hb +B||%im_creature_view_names=0||%im_creature_view_hp=1||%im_creature_view_hp_bar=0||%im_creature_banner_bg=1
Toggle Creature BG||%im_creature_banner_bg=!

You can get the names of the require variables by right clicking the short description in the options window.

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