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So I was just going to slip this in here:


I wouldn't personally mind a quest where Alchemists have to make things for an NPC. I would prefer a counter, like Haidir quests are, but not necessary, since most of the other quests that involve a mixing skill you can just buy the stuff for. But it would be nice if it was like Daritha's manu one, where it's based on your skill level.


And of course a daily Magic quest, where you must cast so many of a certain spell (based on your magic level of course). Be cool to see people have to cast like 50 Teleport Spell and such :D It'd also give a use to several unused spells.

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After discussing this a bit with Lexi on channel 6 yesterday, I realized how cool this would be :rolleyes:! Since alchemy & spell counters already exist, I suppose that is an advantage. Having an alchemy daily that requires you to mix a certain amount of an item for different exp rewards! I am not aware of anything programming related so I'm not sure if it will be worth the time :unsure: I agree with adding a magic daily as well, as Lexi stated, you would have to cast a certain number of spells before returning to the NPC for your reward. +1 on this idea from me ;)

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