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Replace Mercury with Toadstool for Death Essence Recipe

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It would make using offensive magic spells and low level monster summoning actually profitable. You can now make your own death essence to use offensive magic at lower levels to make profit from killing monsters with it.


Steps for Death Essence

1. You need mercury, cactus, and quartz in order to alchemy death essence.

2. Cactus can be harvested for free, Quartz will require 2 inorganic nexus, and you can either buy mercury or extract it from Cinnabar Ore.


Here is where the problem comes in:

Cactus Price: Your time + leather gloves which you can get for free from doing NPC tutorial quest (great)

Quartz Price: 2 pickpoints to Inorganic Nexus + Book Research + pickaxe (okay so at lower levels you will have to take it away from something else)

Mercury Price: 6 Inorganic Nexus to harvest Cinnabar Ore + Book Research + pickaxe + alembic tool price too extract the mercury (yikes with those 6 pickpoints that's 3 different attributes you could have increased instead + the price of alembic which goes currently for 10.000gc)


Okay so you sacrificed 6 pickpoints into Cinnabar Ore, and maybe someone let you borrow their Alembic or you bought after winning a contest. You even took the other route and just bought your 1 mercury off the npc, you start the mixing window with your ingredients for death essence..failed you also lost your ingredients. :Ouch.


My suggestion would be to replace mercury with Toadstool which is also known quite well for it's poison (it would fit in well with the theme of death).


New Death Essence Recipe:

Cactus Price: Your time + leather gloves

Quartz Price: 2 pickpoints to Inorganic Nexus + Book Research + pickaxe

Toadstool price: your time (great you don't even need a tool to harvest it)


This would fall in line better with health essence mixing as that also only requires harvesting with 2 inorganic nexus and only 1 alchemy mix needed (you need to extract mercury before mixing for death essence).


What about Spirit Essence? Well the current offensive spells don''t use it, so I can't use the same argument. Teleport to range is very helpful to a ranger, but technically you could just keep your distance by backing up. Meanwhile as a mage, the ingredients are a requirement in order to make a living off of it.


With this suggestion, you could use the money from the dropped creature to pay for the leather gloves to harvest the cactus. If you buy mercury you risk losing time and gc if the mix super fails.



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And perhaps it isn't supposed to be profitable on low level monsters?


With regards to summoning, the lowest level summons requiring death essence is Skeleton at recommended level 32...

I'm not sure I'd consider that "low level"  (low level summoning, ok; low level player, not really)


And spirit essence has been a "buy from NPC" item for as long as I can remember.

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Harm is not a cheap spell. Being a mage is not easy. Sorry.


A more better solution (to a largely non-existent problem) would be to alter the alembic recipe to give multiple products, or to not require EFE (make it a serpent stone, or a banana, or something).

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Or not have alembic breaking so easily.  An alembic requires EFE and if they are on market for 10K that is cheap due to cost of ingredients and likely on sale because no one buys except for quest.

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