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More and more players are starting to reach the overall 179 mark, and I have a suggestion to propose that I believe can solve the cap limitation, and that is once a player has reached overall 179, any experience gained, which can not go on overall, would go to a new counter called Hero Points (the name can be changed)


I am thinking for every 10million experince over level 179, a player will gain 1 hero point. These will work like action points, can be consumed through redeemer, or in game items to produce a one time Heroic event, much like action points are consumed.


As one example, Potion of Hero points could be made by high level potioner using set formula and consume 1 hero point., this could be drank by players less then 179 o/a to gain 1 hero point.


As another example, ring of massive damage, on use consumes 2 Hero point, deals 1000 damage to monster (not player) (serpers dream)


A new counter would require a client update, however I believe hero points could be added server side and viewed with the #ach command for now


There could be many more suggestions on ways to consume hero points, but by implementing a system like this, I believe will give players on or close to the 179 cap incentive to keep leveling, and not feeling like their efforts are wasted.


It also opens the door for new epic cool expensive items for mixers, fighters and Wizards


Please post thoughts below, please keep comments about a Hero point system in this thread only, this thread is not for suggestions on how to use the hero points. We can start other threads for this.








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The idea for points for 'extra' oa exp after oa 179 is fine. Giving incentive for people who've reached the beginning of the end to keep playing is good.


Your examples for possible uses are quite bad in my opinion though.

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