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client from git

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I tried to build these two clients as suggested in the guide below. Both fail with the requirements

I want to point out expect a few occasions usually any "package" (software) from git usually builds without any issues here. 

I also want to point out that this linux installation is over 13 years old with ~1 month old toolchain. Because of real life issues I was not able to update the box so far. The installation has moved from several harddisks and hardware platform

On a personal note I think the game will benefit when the git client compiles instantly without fuss. Many other git software accomplish this for example naev / heimdall, ...




### make -f Makefile.linux
  CC   2d_objects.o
  CC   3d_objects.o
  CC   actor_scripts.o
  CC   actors.o
  CC   alphamap.o
  CC   asc.o
  CC   astrology.o
  CC   bbox_tree.o
  CC   books.o
  CC   buddy.o
  CC   buffs.o
  CC   bags.o
  CC   cache.o
  CC   cal.o
  CC   calc.o
  CC   chat.o
  CC   cluster.o
  CC   colors.o
  CC   console.o
  CC   consolewin.o
  CC   counters.o
  CC   cursors.o
  CC   dds.o
  CC   ddsimage.o
  CC   dialogues.o
  CC   draw_scene.o
  CC   eye_candy_debugwin.o
  CC   el_memory.o
  CC   elconfig.o
  CC   elwindows.o
  CC   encyclopedia.o
  CC   errors.o
  CC   events.o
  CC   filter.o
  CC   font.o
  CC   framebuffer.o
  CC   frustum.o
  CC   gamewin.o
  CC   gl_init.o
  CC   hud.o
  CC   hud_misc_window.o
  CC   hud_quickbar_window.o
  CC   hud_statsbar_window.o
  CC   hud_quickspells_window.o
  CC   help.o
  CC   highlight.o
  CC   ignore.o
  CC   image_loading.o
  CC   init.o
  CC   interface.o
  CC   items.o
  CC   io/fileutil.o
  CC   io/e3d_io.o
  CC   io/elc_io.o
  CC   io/map_io.o
  CC   io/elpathwrapper.o
  CC   io/xmlcallbacks.o
  CC   io/half.o
  CC   io/normal.o
  CC   io/elfilewrapper.o
  CC   io/unzip.o
  CC   io/ioapi.o
  CC   io/zip.o
  CC   io/ziputil.o
  CC   keys.o
  CC   knowledge.o
  CC   langselwin.o
  CC   lights.o
  CC   list.o
  CC   load_gl_extensions.o
  CC   loginwin.o
  CC   loading_win.o
  CC   main.o
  CC   manufacture.o
  CC   map.o
  CC   mapwin.o
  CC   md5.o
  CC   mines.o
  CC   minimap.o
  CC   misc.o
  CC   missiles.o
  CC   multiplayer.o
  CC   new_actors.o
  CC   new_character.o
  CC   notepad.o
  CC   openingwin.o
  CC   image.o
  CC   shader/noise.o
  CC   shader/shader.o
  CC   text_aliases.o
  CC   particles.o
  CC   paste.o
  CC   pathfinder.o
  CC   pm_log.o
  CC   queue.o
  CC   reflection.o
  CC   rules.o
  CC   sky.o
  CC   skeletons.o
  CC   skills.o
  CC   serverpopup.o
  CC   servers.o
  CC   session.o
  CC   shadows.o
  CC   sound.o
  CC   spells.o
  CC   stats.o
  CC   storage.o
  CC   special_effects.o
  CC   tabs.o
  CC   text.o
  CC   textures.o
  CC   tile_map.o
  CC   timers.o
  CC   translate.o
  CC   trade.o
  CC   update.o
  CC   url.o
  CC   weather.o
  CC   widgets.o
  CC   makeargv.o
  CC   popup.o
  CC   hash.o
  CC   emotes.o
  CC   xz/7zCrc.o
  CC   xz/7zCrcOpt.o
  CC   xz/Alloc.o
  CC   xz/Bra86.o
  CC   xz/Bra.o
  CC   xz/BraIA64.o
  CC   xz/CpuArch.o
  CC   xz/Delta.o
  CC   xz/LzFind.o
  CC   xz/Lzma2Dec.o
  CC   xz/Lzma2Enc.o
  CC   xz/LzmaDec.o
  CC   xz/LzmaEnc.o
  CC   xz/Sha256.o
  CC   xz/Xz.o
  CC   xz/XzCrc64.o
  CC   xz/XzDec.o
  CC   xz/XzEnc.o
  CC   custom_update.o
  CC   new_update.o
  CC   fsaa/fsaa_dummy.o
  CC   fsaa/fsaa.o
  CXX  achievements.o
  CXX  actor_init.o
actor_init.cpp:4:10: fatal error: cal3d/cal3d.h: No such file or directory
 #include <cal3d/cal3d.h>
compilation terminated.
make: *** [Makefile.linux:124: actor_init.o] Error 1



the windows client works with wine layer


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