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Guild Stone

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To be sold only in shop $1 ( pack of 5=$5 for Radu)..I can see it being very popular   $ for radu

Gives +5% xp in all skills to all the guildies of the player who uses it.

Will only last 1 hr.

Can see players wanting to temporary leave a guild,to take advantage of this =more guild cooperation...or guilds selling temporary membership.


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I think the descriptions should be clear that only Guildies that are currently online get exp. Less paperwork for Radu and lowers abuse.

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Well, IMO it shouldn't work for the rewards for daily quests or for the bonus exp. in invances, and perhaps not for any quests.

And don't forget that the 5% extra won't work for the low level mixes and fighting: you need at least 20 exp per "act" to see the 5% extra.

@the_grud: I would like to see you explain how it encourages team gameplay, and not just guild coordination, i.e. make the guildies talk to one another. If they don't do that already, why are they in a guild?

And yes, something can give $$ to radu and still be bad


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