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Due to medical issues I, (Tokie) have stepped down from the Poundin' You Guild's Council of Elders.
The Elders of the ( #nU ) C.o.E. are as follows :
Evie, Fyrefox, Taini, The_Grud, LyeDanRoth, SullA and Loir respectively, and in no particular order.
I am only an Advisor to Council, ( A.t.C. ) from this day onward, by both choice and design, since the dream of a Utopian like Honor Guild where everyone is free to do whatever they want, by themselves or in groups without pressure of any kind, has now come to fruition.
At this time please allow me to thank the members of this fine Guild for their diligence and cooperation in making this all happen. It was just a dream and you, the Guild's C.o.E. have done a very fine job indeed, and I appreciate your efforts in this endeavour, your time and energy in keeping the peace with those currently not on the green-tag / mutual allied list, and your devotion in the game itself.
It's true...we are all addicted to Eternal Lands. So, a special shout-out to the mighty Radu.
"Radu, may you reign forever my friend" !
With all due humble respect to you all,
Mr. Thomas Carl Cross / aka: Tokie
Kingsport, Tennessee U.S.A.
( the 423 in the 37660 )

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