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Expiring bots (end of June)

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The following bots have expired or will expire at the end of the month. Please pay for them by 1st of July:


Arachnid, Krrick
Islena, ryddler
lassy, Tygan
weaselturd, looter
hydrotrader, looter
hammer, kickbutt
Dzik, Daroh
Karlin, the_piper
Dragon_Witch, WolfWitch
Charn, raz
Perun, raz
Shari, raz
shoprite, Ednovel
red_sky, Scorpion_king
Lord_Legend, gil_manel
Salt, Puntif
Oyster, BoC
ELBAY, CanCowgirl
Najash, Elf_Ninja
idle, carone
busy, carone

SilverLeaf, Darc0 and Agrilles
Slotbot, Aislinn
hulkman, Bankay
Zirah, Zamirah
Leetah, Miscka
Albacea, Macal
tasmani, riky
Akeso, elf_ninja

mr_bean, Cabman
Belur, Rauch
IronSide, CoachTim
winterstar, raz
quim, Norm
Princess_Legend, Lokey
TonyStark, Clymene

citrine, Kidberg/Citric
Asteria, orick
Hollowman, Xylo
KetChup, ManiaX
FunguS, ManiaX
Evilshalo, Maxine
cupcake, Casterxx
Gizmos, CanCowGirl

BlackAdder, Cabman
landerion, faxie
Crafti, Daroh
War_Craft, Craft/Tokie/Taini
KickAss, ElG3neral
Duvel, Ghrae
astronomy, CEL guild

Penthesilea, Darrock
Shrek, smurf
Pieszczoch, Avalanche
Bliss, Cherut
Plecak, karolus
Krosis, Wizzy
Ellstren, zathras
Belldandy, Ghost30
Krynn, raistlin

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Shoprite paid Receipt number: 4847244204634607


FYI Ednovel hasn't owned Shoprite for some years. I am her sole owner.



Edited by EvanMarie

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landerion payed 22C26834YH152741U

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Transaction ID: 9XG44845L4033710C






As discussed earlier.... for Ellstren guard bot to 2019










Unit price





















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