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Reviving Hide&Seek

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I will be running several hide and seek contest in next few weeks. Prizes were donated by Radu. However, should you want to help and chip-in, contact me in game.


Prizes' providers:


CherUT (RDHoLaM, 100kgc, haidir passes, cd remover, rostogol stone)

zard (grapes)

Angler (grapes, RDHoLaM, invasions tokens)

WaverDAS (grapes)

Darrock (rostogol stone, serpent stones, elven bow, emerald claymore, enrichment stones)

LittleBig (invasion tokens, harvester meds)

Lalaith (RDHoLaM, serpent stone)

DerSachse (yeti summoning)


1st contest winners:

Where: Bethel's ship

Who won:

JofuranShigokai - binding stone

Katakil - enriched fire essence


2nd contest winners

Where: just behind Vermor Castle


bob01 - Haidir pass/Cooldown remover

Xyleon - likewise


3rd contest winners

Where: Trassian's Deep Caves


Theodor - a rostogol stone


4th contest winners

Where: Idaloran, Nymorq Forest


zard - black horse whistle, 25kgc

vzbucks - dapple gray horse whistle, 25kgc


5th contest winners

Where: Somewhere in Graham's Village


Tzambika - 50kgc


6th contest winners

Where: Irillion Underworld


Geordie - rdholam, grapes


7th contest winners

Where: Lucky Punch Arena


Jaclaw - little dragon blue summoning stone, haidir passes


8th contest winners

Where: Mount of Sorrow


Littlebig - a binding stone

the_ryanking - an enrichment stone

lacutos - a serpent stone


9th contest winners

Where: Next to Old Man

Winners:WeaverDAS - Emerald Claymore


10th contest winners

Where: Iscalrith

Winners: LittleBig - a rostogol stone

FairyTail - an emeral claymore


11th contest winners

Hint: Guarded by two bowmen I stare at a podium with a bow attached.

Where: Xiao's temple.

Winners: Dreggsagg - an elven bow.


12th contest winners

Where: Gloomy Cave


JofuranShigokai - an enrichment stone and invasion token

zicus - a serpent stone and harvester medallion


13th contest winners

Where: Zarin's Temple


_Zodiac_ - an enrichment stone

stivy - a serpent stone

14th contest winners

Where: Vermor Castle


PolarStar - an enrichment stone

svadilfari - a serpent stone

15th contest winners

Where: Egratia Point, Temple


DerSachse - an enrichment stone

Lalaith - a dapple gray horse whistle

16th contest winners

Where: IotF


Angler - grapes

Lalaith - a serpent stone


17th contest winners

Where: Irsis, In the middle of Hand



- grapes

- black horse whistle


17th contest winners

Hint: Friends of the Muses submerged in a timeless river separate seekers from ancient wisdom.

Where: Unolas Temple


Tzambika - RDHoLaM





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Lalaith got fed up with the winning series and donated RDHoLaM and a serpent stone :)

DerSachse chipped in with yeti summoning stone

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